Beautiful Bridespectations

Moment of truth here: deep down I'm actually a very shy person. 

When we first started planning our wedding I think a lot of people expected me to want a big huge show because the Mrs. Beauty and the Bod you see on Instagram and Facebook are kind of exactly like that. In "real" life however I'm a MUCH more private person. I'm the last person who wants her picture taken at a party. I know that photos are a huge part of my communication tools and this business means the world to me so I suck it up and do it often!! Thank GOD for filters!!

When Matt proposed last September we were overwhelmingly happy. I am SO excited to marry him, he makes everyday a honeymoon. I could go on in multiple posts about why Matt is perfect for me but I'll save that for the vows! After the quick engagement glow was over (about 27.5 hours) it came time to plan the actual EVENT. We came up with 17 different concepts – cottage ceremony, hall, destination wedding, rent the neighbour's lawns, Matt's house, our condo, beach wedding, tent, etc. all the while I begged to elope probably about 261 times. I'm not joking.

There were a number of reasons why I wanted to keep the spotlight off me for our big day. One of them what that I felt, and honestly still feel, a huge amount of pressure to be a "beautiful bride". The expectations we place on the "perfect" bride today are absolutely so unhealthy. You'd think I'd be used to it and almost have this expectation be normalized because the industry I'm in kind of demands that of me every single day! Looking back I have realized  that my anti-wedding views were incredibly selfish and my unrealistic expectation of "perfection" was 1000% based on my own pre-judgements. Matt has always been so great at reassuring me throughout this planning phase and multiple times he has suggested we simply have a naked wedding that way everyone could feel like I'm feeling. He's so great. And no we aren't doing that!

Breaking my foot this summer was awful but in a lot of ways it was perfect timing because it reminded me that exercise is a gift and not a punishment tool for eating the wrong foods. I now look at working out as a bonus, a fun activity again because I love my body and I get to workout not because I need to in order to fix it. I'm sure that before I broke my foot I would have been running and working out like a MAD woman at this point leading up to the wedding. Now I'm WAY more at peace and actually grateful that at this point in my recovery I still need to take it easy!

As the day draws closer I'm becoming more and more excited about the wedding and I know it will be absolutely lovely. Throughout this entire process I have been overwhelmed by the love and support from both of our families - we were dealt golden hands there! My mom and sister have been an unstoppable force on the planning team! I can't wait to see it all!

I know that I've never been to a wedding with an anything but absolutely glowing bride and I'm looking forward to letting go of my own expectations and completely enjoying the moment. If you're about to get married or one day will I hope this post has reassured you in some way that this is totally normal to feel a huge amount of pressure to live up to "bridespectations". Listen, I get my picture taken half naked from time to time and to date nothing has been more daunting than a wedding gown! I'm sure you will look absolutely beautiful and let's remember it's the beautiful life beyond the wedding that really counts!