Yes, I'm THAT Bride

So I bought another dress.

:: Do not panic!! This just me in a dress - not my actual dress! ::

I remember watching an episode a long time ago on "Say Yes to the Dress" featuring brides that were there buying a second dress and thinking, "I'd never do that." Well now I did that.

Throughout this entire wedding planning process I've kind of been pretty passive. I come from a family of extremely organized party planners and really honestly I'd rather be working out then choosing linens so early on I entrusted my mom and sister with the majority of the details. They are absolute superstars at this and I knew that ultimately they would do a great job with a few general pointers from me. I'm really looking forward to being married but the wedding industry is a big bad wolf that I wanted to avoid as much as possible. If it weren't for our amazing families and Matt I'd be off to elope on a mountain, a beach, anywhere!! But I do see the value of that moment and I'm looking forward to I know what will be a beautiful day.

Anyway back to the dress story. So I went to try on dresses right away. We didn't really know the venue or size of the party but I was told that you need at least nine months to buy a dress by the wedding guides and I was excited to get a dress and be done with it. Wrong attitude. Bad Christie.

 I tried a dress on in Toronto that I kind of liked, went to New York tried on dresses there and realized I didn't want to have to sell a kidney to buy a dress, came back to Toronto and ultimately settled on the first dress again. 

Don't get me wrong, the first dress would have been fine but it certainly wasn't super special and I really wasn't all that excited to put it on. I do think the girl makes the dress but if there's one day when you really want to feel extra special it's probably your wedding day!

I'd been having my own silent small doubts for a few weeks and then finally I secretly asked Matt what he thought of my dress. I know a total no-no but I was pretty certain at that point I was going to make a change. Without really knowing Matt agreed with me the dress wasn't right and that was perfect because it confirmed what I was feeling. I know I could wear a paper bag and a push-up bra to our wedding Matt would be thrilled but I was then set to find "the" dress. 

I went on Pinterest - which I do maybeee once a month and instantly found a tiny picture of THE dress. I said to myself, ok if this is real I know this will be my dress. I clicked on the image which luckily led me to the designer's website. Ok now is it in stock? – YES! Ok now is it sold in Canada? – YES! Where? – PORT CREDIT, what are the chances?!? I'm taking a Pilates reformer course there right now for the next six weeks! I quickly called the store –Pearl Bridal – and asked if they had the dress. It turned out they just received the sample the day before and I could come and try it on anytime. I booked an appointment for the very next morning right before Pilates. I dragged my friend Garnet with me – thank you!! I tried on the sample and it fit like a glove. This was it. Then the news got even sweeter. Because I fit the sample size I could buy that dress for a huge discount. YES! As soon as we saw the price difference Garnet was like, "run back in there and tell her you're taking it today!"

I brought it home yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. I sold my first dress on consignment already and considering the huge discount I got for getting the sample dress I'm still ahead financially speaking! I am so happy and can't wait to wear this dress now! The lesson I learned here is don't settle. I had the "let's just hurry this up and be done with it" attitude for round one and really what I've come to accept and appreciate is this will truly be a once in a lifetime and I don't just want to wham bam thank you ma'am the planning process. If we are doing this wedding thing then gosh darn it it's going to be done RIGHT!

September 20th will be here before we know it! I can't wait to show you the dress then!!