Two Little Kittens : Proposal Story

Hello beauties and bodies! I figured it was about time to come back and share with you all the excitement that has been going on in my life over the last two weeks… LOTS to catch up on!

:: Our new condo on the beach!!! Kidding – more pictures to come of our city diggs ::

Matt and I moved into a beautiful two bedroom condo directly down the hall from our first condo – more on that to come later! On our first night in the new condo Matt caught me completely by surprise (very hard to do) and asked me to be his bride. We have been dating for 5+ years and have talked several times about marriage so I wasn't completely shocked haha! But it was wonderful. Here's how it happened:

Like I mentioned above, we just moved into a two bedroom condo and had spent two longgggg days painting the entire place, getting new furniture delivered, moving our stuff down the hall. For 515 square feet we somehow managed to pack a lot in our old spot, we couldn't believe how much stuff we gave away or threw out, it was nuts! Any way, back to the proposal!! So around 4 pm on the second day of non-stop moving we were nearing the finish line. I was about ready to go to bed in my sweat pants and shower-less body but Matt was seriously interested in celebrating our new diggs. Which is totally his style to celebrate that type of moment so I really didn't think much of it then. Except he was sweating which was strange but I summed it up in my mind that he wasn't feeling awesome, exhausted but still excited to be done. I told Matt that if he wanted to celebrate I'd be down but this was his pony, he would have to get everything ready and I'd show up to the party. Matt happily agreed and biked off to get steaks, champagne, kale salad and chocolate covered strawberries. In the meantime, back on the home-front I rallied and (thankfully!!!) took a shower, put a dress on and ran a comb threw my hair!

Matt arrived home and was armed with Red Bulls, in hindsight, a certain clue - Matt and I have probably had three Red Bulls in the past five years, combined. Instead, blonde Christie thought, ok wow, Matt really wants to make this night fun! We ate dinner – delicious. Then went to sit on our new sectional. I was feeling a lot better and glad Matt had made the effort to make this a fun move in. Matt then suggested that because we didn't have any internet that we read a story together instead, "Great!". He then started pulling random books from the shelf, the third book Matt offered was a new book called, "The Two Little Kittens". Side note: Matt makes me an anniversary book every year as a recap of the special events of the year. Now I was finally clueing in: this was my proposal!!!!!!!!! Matt's hand started shaking so much his wine was sloshing everywhere and this book was not on my anniversary. YIKES. Wow. The pop-up book was amazing then Matt got down on one knee and said some things I will cherish forever. I said yes, yes, yes and then like 5 minutes later finally cried!! The ring is insanely gorgeous, sparkles in the dark. 

We have been in massive wedding planning mode ever since! We would both love to get married at my family cottage in Grand Bend but details are still being finalized.

Engaged life is incredible. I am happier than I ever thought I would be, Matt is totally my rock and number one fan - I am also Matt's! He makes me want to be a better person and really makes me believe in this crazy dream to start a fitness empire! I could do this without Matt but it would not be half as great or successful or fun! I am SO excited to start this next chapter together. Get ready to hear wedding plans right here on this blog … thanks in advance for putting up with me!