8 Happy Thanks

As I look back on this last year I am SO thankful for so much. I have narrowed it down to my top 8.

:: The view from our secret picnic spot, if we bring you here we will probably propose to you ::

1. Happiest time of week: Date nights with Matt on Fridays (and really just any moment with Matt!). I love date night! In the winter time we usually do homemade pizza night, sometimes we go out for food but we both love to just relax, have some wine and chill at home. Last week we had a picnic in the Brickworks. It was wonderful and super special because it will probably be our last one this year due to weather. This is our go-to picnic spot and it is absolutely perfect, seriously you can't get better views at a restaurant! And it's FREE!

2. Bod Squad: I truly LOVE my job and love the people that make my job loveable. I think Bod Squaders are just the best people around and they make my week amazing. They inspire me and push me to be a better trainer, listener and coach. Mad love and burpees team!!

3. Food: I love food. And I am grateful that I get to enjoy it and lots of it! This weekend we made my favourite butternut squash and maple bacon recipe omg delicious!

4. Foam Rollers: I know, you think I'm joking but I'm for real. Foam rollers have saved and changed how I recover from exercise. They are the most brutally painful thing I do all week but they help me so so so much. I couldn't do what I do without one and shucks gosh darn it I'm thankful for them.

5. Interval running: my first and foremost passion in fitness. I love that in 20 minutes I can get done what takes some people 2 hours. It's all about focused, intense, controlled exercise. I love that my body still loves and responds to running … and is getting faster!

6. Pilates Reformer: I am SO SO SO lucky to have my own and to be able to train on it everyday. I love working out on my machine and sweating buckets while stretching up a storm. It's a perfect counter to my Bod Squad style workouts and my running. Love it.

7. Friends: that will actually come on a run with me at 11 pm … or at the very least bring over some red wine. I have made some pretty incredible friends this year and I love them all. They inspire me to be better, kinder and have more time management integrity. And they bring me tea too.

8. Grand Bend and my family: I love our beach home and I am SO excited to be married there next year. I just came home from a weekend away and I feel so lucky to have a place there with my family. They are amazing and I love them. I could honestly sleep for 20 hours up there (and I have!). It's a little piece of heaven with amazing trails and beautiful beaches, I can't wait to be back.

Finally I am SO thankful to YOU!! Thanks for reading this blog and helping support my small business that could! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!