30 Years Strong

My parents recently celebrated 30 years of marriage!

:: Mom on her wedding day 30 years ago ::

They are both a huge inspiration to me. Seeing two people who work together, workout together and have fun together for 30 years is actually pretty amazing. They both make each other better people and their teamwork has proven to be very successful! I am so happy for them and I consider myself lucky to have them as parents.

:: 30 years later in the same dress!! ::

Can we talk about the fact that mom fit into her dress?!?!? Pretty amazing after 30 years it still fits like a glove! My mom and dad are healthier than ever, they workout at Bod Squad three times per week, dad lifts weights once more per week and my mom does yoga once or twice a week. They put me to shame!!! My parents are proof that age is really just a number, I think they look and feel even better than they did at their 20th anniversary! I look forward to 30+ more years of family Bod Squads and interval sprints!! Congratulations to the strongest couple I know, love you both!!