The Big 0-5

Today Matt and I are celebrating five insanely amazing years together.

:: Anniversary Books from Matt ::

I'm lucky to live with the most romantic person I've ever known. Matt is seriously my best friend, number one cheerleader, moral compass, No Frills shopping guru, every four months workout buddy, and teacher. 

Five years ago today Matt started the tradition of giving me a hand written, illustrated book on our anniversary. In about 20 pages he summarizes the great moments we had together that year. Today I'll be getting book #5! I treasure these books, that take him days to make, so so much. In 50 years I hope to look back at a great big stack of them and have the same wide (and often tearful) smile that I'll have most certainly later on today.

:: Us having dinner in our condo – it actually looks exactly like this! ::

Behind every great woman there is an even greater guy. There would be no photos on this blog if it weren't for Matt! I'd also probably leave our condo without pants on if he didn't keep this condohold together! Matt has believed in me, this crazy dream to start a business, and continues to root for me at every turn. He's the best and I'm the luckiest. I can't wait for the next five!