Hola 2013

Happy new year everybody!

Thanks for being patient with me while I was on break. I hope you all had an excellent holiday season!

So we're all back from vacation, Matt and I went to a beautiful part of Mexico – Tulum beach. And let me tell you what we did … we ate. And we ate and then we ate more and then after that there was the pina coladas. There was not one single unrequited calorie.

:: Matt and I on our last day in paradise ::

Then there were the workouts, which consisted of eating and well alright one merengue dance competition, which somehow I ended up wining but I have to admit Matt was robbed, he really deserved the T-shirt prize, his hips don't lie on the dance floor! 

:: Mayan ruins at Chichen Iza::

After an awesome break I am SO ready to get back on a healthy track. While the rest was excellent and certainly needed I am now more motivated than ever to get back to bod squad and back to this blog. I'm looking forward to filming more real time workouts for you! Having more free events with lululemon! And with your help and suggestions I've compiled a whole list of new blog topics – thank you!

In fact, Friday I tested out one of the new LIVE workouts that will go on the blog this week and I'm still having trouble walking today. It's a goodie! Get excited.

13 is my lucky number and I feel like it will be a great one for all of us this year!