A Tribute to a True Lady

Susan Barrett was one of a kind.

Beautiful, vibrant, funny, smart, fit, kind, I could go on and on… and I did here when Susan was named athlete of the month!

I had the great pleasure of knowing and training Susan. We met years ago at a women's in business talk held by my mom. Susan and I sat beside each other and we had an instant connection. I remember watching her talk about the art of networking and thinking what a wonderful combination of proper and playfulness she represented. She was a woman who literally lit up a room around her.

When I was first starting this business two years ago I was literally begging for clients. Susan was one of my very first steady gigs and I loved training Susan. We met Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 am – she was never ever late and ways always dressed to the 10s and beyond. Her hair never fell a strand out of place – and for those of you who know my workouts that is a huge feat in and of itself! I truly looked forward to the time I had with Susan. 

Last winter Susan learned she had a serious strain of cancer, doctors didn't give her long but in true Susan fashion she hung on months longer than expected and passed away this past Friday. One thing I hope to take with me that Susan taught me was to be kind and make time for everyone around you, to laugh at yourself and that the best way to network with someone is to tell them they look familiar and then try to find a connection from there! I know I am a better person for knowing Susan. Through Susan I met her equally wonderful and inspiring daughter Jess. Jess has a heart of gold and is truly one of the bravest people I've ever met. She embodies everything I loved about Susan and I know her mom will be smiling down on her forever.