Honeymoon Highlights

We F I N A L L Y made it to our honeymoon!

This trip was at least three years in the making. Just going there alone felt like we were making a giant check mark on life!

When we first started thinking about a trip overseas my business was at a point that I just couldn't take time off, then I broke my foot which at the time was terrible but like many things in life in retrospect it taught me a lot about patience, injury recovery and really respecting a healthy body. I guess what they say is true ... the best things in life really are worth waiting for!

:: Our super detailed trip guide + packing light ::

The Top Three (+1)

1. Pai, Northern Thailand

:: Arriving in Pai + the "after" picture of our Muay Thai experience! ::

We LOVED Pai. We had super low expectations, we were told initially it was a druggie haven and exactly like Chang Mai. Not true! This tiny town had so much heart. We took a Muay Thai class at Charnchai Gym which was so much fun. The two hour workout began with a 45 minute UPHILL run to buddha temple. Then we came back for 75 minutes of boxing, kicking and punching. Here's the thing, I'm just not that aggressive. I don't like the idea of hitting people and I don't like the idea of people hitting me. Even if it is just punching bags I'd rather just do a burpee and call it a day. BUT it was a great workout - I've never seen Matt sweat that much in his life! And I will say though that the bodies on some of the people in the camp were INSANE. Six packs galore! Lots of travellers came to Pai and end up falling in love with this gym so they say for months on end. Certainly does the body good! And crazy that it is all bodyweight training. Very cool.

Pai also had GREAT food. We loved this place called Big's Little Cafe. Big is a great guy and an even better cook. Very cool simple set up that easily had you mingling with other travellers. His breakfast is what dreams are made of.

:: Scooter pro + Pai Canyon ::

We rented scooters in Pai and explored the waterfalls and canyons. I LOVED the scooters. You don't need a license - just rent and go. I luckily had a quick learning curve however I didn't realize that the rentals did not include gas! 45 minutes into our joy ride I ran out of gas in the middle of the Thai countryside. Luckily two friendly Thai ladies helped us out! 

If you're going to Thailand - Pai is a MUST go.

1 + We went to Thai Secret Garden Organic Cooking school just north of Chang Mai and it was a HUGE highlight for us. I love cooking and Matt and I both love thai food - we had to do a cooking class! Friends of ours Justine and Eric recommended May to us and she was amazing! We went shopping at a local thai market, then picked extra ingredients straight from her garden. Then we made TONS of food - Pad Thai, spring rolls, green curry, red curry, coconut milk, curry pastes, mango sticky rice, fried bananas, it was all SO good! And to top it off we went home with personalized cookbooks - May took photos throughout the class and printed us off our own recipe guides to take home! I can't wait to be treated to some homemade pad thai soon!

2. Bagan, Myanmar

My grandpa fought in WWII in Burma. Now Myanmar, has always interested me because of that and it also just felt so raw and authentic - undiscovered. We thought it would be a nice change from Thailand. Overall we were WOWED by the beauty of this country. The people were super friendly, and you never felt like they were trying to poach you. The kids all waved to us and yelled "HELLO" it was super cute. The Bagan temples were absolutely breath taking. It was incredible to walk amongst 1000s of temples basically all by ourselves. I am glad that we got to see Myanmar now before it gets too crowed. Also the prices were so cheap - Matt my budget loving man main was just tickled pink! Dinner usually cost less than $3 per person. Lunch was around $1. It was great!

3. Ko Lanta, Thailand Islands

:: Handstands + fire skies ::

Just before we arrived in the Thai islands we contracted a bacterial infection. We have no idea what caused it but I'm guessing it was from the burmese bbq we ate on our last night in Myanmar. We tried to tough it out for about three days but eventually decided to make use of our traveller's insurance and get on some antibiotics. Of all the places we could have been sick on the trip ko lanta was the perfect place! We had great care and I started to recover right away. Matt was worse than I was initially so he was a little slower but we made it through! We stayed at Lanta Castaway resort on the long beach - BEST location on the island - a 3 km stretch of beautiful white sand and a gorgeous sunset view. This was our longest stop on the trip - four nights total. By our last day I was feeling healthy enough to run the beach - a perfect way to end the trip!

Overall this was a trip of a lifetime. It was great spending time travelling with Matt. He's a great map reader, deal negotiator, friend maker, go with the flow-er and a fun friend. We had a blast together and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Next on our travel list is probably Africa. We'd love to climb Kilimanjaro! I think we will wait a summer and see where life takes us. We decided on this past trip two - three weeks is probably ideal and we LOVE active holidays. Beaches are beautiful and awesome but we would rather explore vs sit. 

It is SO great to be back at Bod Squad and teaching again. I missed everyone BIG time and I can't wait to kick off the fall season starting next week! If you would like to get in there's still space here! Hope to see you at a class soon!

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When Free TV Ruins your Life

Ok, the title might be a tad dramatic. 

But cable just might be taking over my nightlife! 

Just so we are clear I haven't ever personally paid for cable. 

We had it growing up of course - I had a regular date with Ms. Oprah Winfrey every school afternoon at 4 pm. It was great. I would RUN home to watch shows about babies in Africa, makeovers, Dr. Phil diagnosing a failed relationship - anything. Then university came and my beloved roomie Jules was a huge fan of the tube. I tagged along often finding myself on the couch watching deeply intellectually stimulating shows such as, "Rock of Love" (shamefully seasons 1,2 and 3) and Tila Tequila's "Shot at Love" (also shamefully seasons 1 and 2). After a semester of TV glory I quickly realized that my natural academic ability was nowhere close, not even in the same stratosphere as Jules's... while she could sit on the couch all day, pull an all nighter and study for three exams in 3 hours and get a 90% minimum, I could NOT. So off went the cable for Christie.

Since moving into our new condo (side note, I can't believe Matt and I have lived in SIX apartments already together!) We heard about this free promotion for cable and internet - six months FREE! We signed up and ever since my life has been miserable. I can't WAIT for it to be over, in fact if it weren't for sports Matt would cancel it much faster. We never really watch it, but I feel somewhat guilty for not - I should, it's free etc. I know I am crazy! The TV should not be guilt tripping me! So I have decided that I am just going to let it go and turn it off. The honest truth is I think TV has gone downhill ... or maybe everything else has gone uphill.

We are going TV free for April! Yahoo!

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When Habits Aren't Helpful

I think that some of the most incredibly successful people in the world are often people with addictive almost maniacally obsessive personalities.

I know that I absolutely have that tendency in my life to fall into addictive habitual patterns - if I like a song, I'll play it over and over again, if I like a recipe I'll make it again and again, I like exercise - so I do it a lot! etc. 

I have noticed that many people (including myself) create habits that make them unhappy - one that we know drains us of positive energy, that isn't good for us. And yet, at the thought of giving up the habit causes huge grief - NO way could I stop running all together, give up my glass of wine, not have a diet coke everyday! It's my guilty pleasure, my reward, my release, etc. 

Last summer after breaking my foot I had a huge exercise epiphany. I had fallen into a pattern of pure cardio for my workouts. Running every single day was draining me, I wasn't seeing any progress, but I kept up my daily grind because I thought that it would be the only way I could stay lean. When I broke my foot and couldn't walk more than 100 steps a day I was reminded that it is IMPOSSIBLE to out run a bad diet. I was forced to get real with myself - I was using running to combat my daily habit of overeating and it was becoming a vicious cycle. My habit was junk food, my bandaid was running. I turned something that I once loved into something that I had become obsessive over.    

We should make sure that the things we do to make us feel better don't actually make us feel worse in the long run.

Am I being mastered by a habit that is not good for me? Do I actually enjoy the glass of wine or is it just part of my daily routine? Am I running because I am enjoying it and I know it will help me be healthy or am I just running to excuse my daily ice cream habit? 

Habits are SO important to shape who we really are. Healthy habits often make for happy people. Have a look at some of your habits today. Hopefully you don't need to break your foot like I had to to figure out if your habits are helpful or hurtful and what they might actually be covering up for you. When I was forced to stop and look at mine I was relieved that running wasn't the answer - treating my body with respect was.

Yes - I still run but I mix it up! Over the past winter I probably went on five runs total. Taking a break was a great thing. The truth is I do like running but there is such thing as too much of a good thing, I know now that I am happiest when I mix up my workouts! Sure there will be times where I do more HIIT, more strength training, more yoga, more Pilates, more dance classes even but the key for me is variety! It is funny because I know that for my Bod Squad classes, it has just taken me longer to learn it for myself! I am now training for a race so my running will increase but I will not let myself become a slave to that run eat repeat cycle again. Exercise should make us healthier and happier - not slaves. If a habit doesn't make you happy, doesn't add value to your life in someway or is not helping you get closer to your goals then what is it doing in your life? 

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New Homeowners!

We bought a HOUSE!

:: Charming leafy dream starter home in Toronto - the annex neighbourhood ::

Hold on and let's back up for a minute so I can tell you how this all got started. 

Matt and I first lived in a tiny furnished rental apartment in a small town called Stevenage just outside of London, UK. There we determined two things: 1. Wall to wall carpet does not belong in the washroom 2. Laundry machines in the kitchen aren't a terrible idea - you don't have to walk far when you're doing the chores it's all in one spot!

:: Our first time living together in England outside the flat and on the train ::

When we moved back to Toronto we had no jobs and no money. But we did have a bicycle each (actually technically they were my parents come to think of it!) and a will to get started building a life together. I was responsible for finding a great place with a small budget. After a quick kijii search we found a beautiful 515 square foot condo in the heart of the city. We lived there happily for 2 years and then we started to spill over on top of each other. Using the front hall closet as a primary closet could only work for so long. 


:: Keys to the kingdom - our two bedroom condo with a knockout city view ::

As it turned out there was a two bedroom unit available just across the hall. I convinced Matt that the move would be wonderful and worth it - it totally was. For a year we were really happy with our massive pad complete with spectacular city views, a fantastic gym and the best neighbours ever - my parents are also now living in the same building!! But then our condo when up for sale and it forced us to reexamine our options. Practically speaking we decided that as awesome as our place is we don't need all the space we have right now. Sure it's nice but it is absolutely not necessary. 

We met with our real estate Andrew to talk about other locations to lease. We found a place a little bit more north - midtown area, a brand new roomy one bedroom super close to school for Matt and clients for me. Meanwhile we figured we would start to get our feet wet with the crazy Toronto real estate market and see what was out there. I've heard horror stories from friends about bidding wars and we figured why not get started now so we would later know what we'd be in for.

The first house we saw was a mess - an old lady pee smell ridden house turned into what felt like four different apartments complete with marijuana paraphernalia in almost every corner. We passed. Seeing that first house made us realize that our priorities are 1. location 2. location 3. location 4. something livable that we can spend exciting dollars fixing pretty things and not on asbestos removal.     

After refocusing our search we found our winner - the second house we saw! Matt was away on a work trip the first time I saw the place. From the listing it really didn't read like much but as soon as I walked into the house it just felt like a home. I called Matt immediately and we booked a second viewing on the weekend. He fell in love with it too. 

The house has so much charm: great big windows allowing lots of natural light beside a lane way, a super cute backyard entertaining area (I'm already picturing stringy lights), and an awesome balcony porch off the master bedroom, an open concept living space with a cute gas fire place, a beautiful spa bathroom with marble floors, a huge standalone bathtub and a giant waterfall shower, a nice kitchen that with a few small changes will be really special, AND an adorable little family living their already as tenants who absolutely love the home and don't want to leave.

Hmmmmm. Tenants eh?

What if we bought the house, moved into the one bedroom midtown condo and kept the current tenants and use the house as an investment property until we will be ready to move into more space in a year or two?! It felt like the perfect plan for all parties right from the get go.

We put an offer in on our dream home and after a few back and forths we got it!!!!

Please note out of respect for the current tenants I chose not to include any interior photos because I would like to protect their privacy. Once we move it I will post our renovation progress here for sure! 

We are SUPER excited to be landlords in a few short months and homeowners to boot! This time of year felt like a great time to be a buyer in the market, there are less options but also less demand. I'm glad we were also a little early to the punch on this, I guess only time will tell but from what I can see house prices are only climbing - maybe not as rapidly as they once were but if you're in a prime Toronto location it hopefully doesn't look like they will be catastrophically dropping anytime soon! Knock on our wooden house!!

We couldn't be happier and can't wait to make memories in this adorable navy blue home. I'm already decorating it in my mind!! 

:: Happy homeowners ::

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2014 Reflections

I rarely take time to reflect - I'm a forward mover! But I've realized how important it is to look back and appreciate a year. And what a year this has been!
Thank you for being on this journey with me. Bringing this daily blog back into my life has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I appreciate your help and advice so much. Thanks for checking in!

Are you who you were a year ago?

First and foremost no I'm a wife now! Yikes! Still gets me every single time I say - "my husband". I think it's also mostly weird because in my friend circle I'm now known as the "married one".
Being married honestly hasn't really changed anything about our relationship. Although I do feel like we have started our own mini family and that we are no longer just a couple but a team. We've never been happier together and I'm looking forward to some great adventures ahead!

What was your biggest lesson in 2014?

Breaking my foot taught me a lot about patience, the importance of family and how to bounce back. If I didn't have my Dad and Matt to help get through the summer of Bod Squad there wouldn't have been one! I am beyond grateful for their help in particular.

I decided to take the time I needed to properly recover and rest at every opportunity. This was SO foreign to me and it was wild to see how lack of movement completely changed my personality. I was snappy, quick to criticize and generally miserable. Once I realized that my attitude absolutely sucked I made a huge effort to see the positive. It worked.
My recovery is now at 110%. I feel absolutely zero side effects from my foot and I know have even more appreciation for health and movement than ever before!  

What is the best think you cooked all year?

I have been into cooking healthy food lately. Matt makes fun of me because he is absolutely the healthier eater in our household - he could live on spinach and boiled chicken with the odd beer and be a happy camper. Me not so much ... pizza is my all-time favourite thing ever.

But back to the question. I made these Amaze Balls inspired by Oh She Glows and they are SO good. I probably made about 10 batches since the summer. I love things that I can "bake" by throwing in the freezer ... that's my kind of baking!! 

What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

I'm looking forward to doubling my classes at Bod Squad. I had a mini freak out the other night - what if they don't fill up? What if nobody comes? What if I have tons of empty spaces?
Matt was really great, he reminded me that all I need is to just hit my bottom line target. It will take time to grow and that doesn't make Bod Squad look bad at all, in fact it's more time to focus on the people who do come. He's right - phew!

On the personal side of things we are dipping our toes into the potential world of homeownership. EKKK!! Real estate is a lot of fun ... and I bet it would be even more fun if you actually had money to afford it! We are in no rush but it is exciting to take baby steps in that direction.  

What was your favourite workout this year?

Besides Christiemas?! I really liked this park bench workout and have enjoyed moving it inside on a gym bench. It's quick, effective and absolutely delivers.

What was your favourite outfit this year?

I got a TON of miles out of this LBD from my favourite - lululemon! This dress defines my style in a nutshell - athletic classic. 

What are you most professionally proud of this year?

I have to say that I've never felt better about my classes and ability as a trainer. I've invested a lot of time into teacher trainings and actually going to classes to learn as much as possible. I'm looking forward to constantly learning new workouts and delivery methods.

I'm proud of getting back into blogging. I think I'm starting to find my voice here and I do absolutely love it. I am looking forward to continuing the posts in 2015. 

Next Steps

I will be back at the blog (and Bod Squad!) on January 5. Matt and I are going to the BEACH for a week and spending some time with our families over the next few days.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!! Looking forward to catching up in 2015!

Text Therapy

This Saturday night I get to marry the most amazing man I've ever known.

 :: Photos by A Simple Photograph ::

It's getting real and we are pretty excited about it!

Looking back on our relationship there are a lot of things that have helped make it successful. This one thing might seem small at first but in reality I think it has saved many many many arguments and problems.

Here it goes: we don't text.

Ok, ok we text like once a week … maybe twice during a big week.

When we first started dating I was 19 and Matt was 23 – he sent his first text message ever to me! I was used to guys only communicating with me via text so it was refreshing when I would get phone calls from him – how vintage! At first I couldn't understand why he wasn't getting back to my messages but then I quickly realized phones are the way to go – they are 100x faster and more personal. 

Observing some of my friend's relationships I've noticed how many of them have arguments centred around their cell phones. "He didn't text me good morning, he didn't text me when he got home, he hasn't texted in hours…" At least 75% of my friends can't even make it through lunch without needing to text their partners. This would drive me CRAY-CRAY. Matt and I are both strongly independent and the idea of a requirement to talk to each other throughout the entire day would feel like we had handcuffs on our smartphones. Besides, I love getting home at night and finding out all about his day. I don't need the play by play it's all much better live over a chicken dinner and a glass of wine.

Matt will even go away for an entire weekend and I won't hear from him once - I LOVE that. I know he's thinking about me and I'm thinking about him but I want Matt to be in the moment and not feel like he's got to tap in every 57 minutes. And I know if there's a problem I'll be his first phone call!!

Honestly drop the texting and you will be 1000x happier with your relationship. If you want a love letter in the morning what about dusting off the old pen and paper and doing it the old fashioned way. Love by example! 

I've heard of some of my friends doing a texting cleanse with their relationship - they don't text for 10 days and can't believe how much better it is. Might be something to try if you're deep in the quadrant of the text warp! There's a lot going on around us in the world! Let's get off our phones and look up! 



Beautiful Bridespectations

Moment of truth here: deep down I'm actually a very shy person. 

When we first started planning our wedding I think a lot of people expected me to want a big huge show because the Mrs. Beauty and the Bod you see on Instagram and Facebook are kind of exactly like that. In "real" life however I'm a MUCH more private person. I'm the last person who wants her picture taken at a party. I know that photos are a huge part of my communication tools and this business means the world to me so I suck it up and do it often!! Thank GOD for filters!!

When Matt proposed last September we were overwhelmingly happy. I am SO excited to marry him, he makes everyday a honeymoon. I could go on in multiple posts about why Matt is perfect for me but I'll save that for the vows! After the quick engagement glow was over (about 27.5 hours) it came time to plan the actual EVENT. We came up with 17 different concepts – cottage ceremony, hall, destination wedding, rent the neighbour's lawns, Matt's house, our condo, beach wedding, tent, etc. all the while I begged to elope probably about 261 times. I'm not joking.

There were a number of reasons why I wanted to keep the spotlight off me for our big day. One of them what that I felt, and honestly still feel, a huge amount of pressure to be a "beautiful bride". The expectations we place on the "perfect" bride today are absolutely so unhealthy. You'd think I'd be used to it and almost have this expectation be normalized because the industry I'm in kind of demands that of me every single day! Looking back I have realized  that my anti-wedding views were incredibly selfish and my unrealistic expectation of "perfection" was 1000% based on my own pre-judgements. Matt has always been so great at reassuring me throughout this planning phase and multiple times he has suggested we simply have a naked wedding that way everyone could feel like I'm feeling. He's so great. And no we aren't doing that!

Breaking my foot this summer was awful but in a lot of ways it was perfect timing because it reminded me that exercise is a gift and not a punishment tool for eating the wrong foods. I now look at working out as a bonus, a fun activity again because I love my body and I get to workout not because I need to in order to fix it. I'm sure that before I broke my foot I would have been running and working out like a MAD woman at this point leading up to the wedding. Now I'm WAY more at peace and actually grateful that at this point in my recovery I still need to take it easy!

As the day draws closer I'm becoming more and more excited about the wedding and I know it will be absolutely lovely. Throughout this entire process I have been overwhelmed by the love and support from both of our families - we were dealt golden hands there! My mom and sister have been an unstoppable force on the planning team! I can't wait to see it all!

I know that I've never been to a wedding with an anything but absolutely glowing bride and I'm looking forward to letting go of my own expectations and completely enjoying the moment. If you're about to get married or one day will I hope this post has reassured you in some way that this is totally normal to feel a huge amount of pressure to live up to "bridespectations". Listen, I get my picture taken half naked from time to time and to date nothing has been more daunting than a wedding gown! I'm sure you will look absolutely beautiful and let's remember it's the beautiful life beyond the wedding that really counts!

Lessons Learned

After six weeks, one postponed honeymoon, countless piggybacks, five x-rays and two ice packs I am finally back on both feet. This has certainly been the longest period of time I've gone without a workout, a walk, a pain free night. I'm SO glad to finally be a on the fast track to full recovery now. 

I like to think that everything in life happens for a reason. If I look back on one thing this whole experience has taught me it's that I have the best support system ever. Two special mentions in particular, first my Dad who completely covered my Bod Squad classes for me while I was gone and did an outstanding job! He's a gifted leader and I hope he will continue to train and lead classes! Matt has been my rock, my left-hand man, my coach, my chef, driver, my love – thank you.

As far as physically what I've learned is that the human body really is a remarkable thing. I would say I have a lot more respect for what my body once did and will soon do again. I never took movement for granted but I absolutely never will now!

Before my injury I would workout at least once a day, sometimes twice and I would get super antsy if I didn't get my fix in! I do miss it a lot but I know that when I'm able to workout again I won't have the same OCD compulsiveness about missing a workout. I used to fear that I would completely blow up if I missed a week of running, a week in the gym. Now I know that really in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if you miss a day here and there – being good to your body is more important than beating it up just for the sake of hitting a weekly total.

When I first heard the saying, "workout because you love your body, not because you hate it." it didn't really resonate with me. Now it rings loud and clear. I don't miss working out because I want to have a reason to eat cheese later, I miss working out because of the good it does for my body and I miss how I feel after a great sweat session.

Thank you to everyone who dedicated a workout to me, your support and strength meant everything and I know it is a big part of the reason why I'm walking two weeks earlier than forecasted! Woo hoo! 


Happy Feet

This past week has been full of ups and downs.

I am THRILLED to write that things are looking way up for me and my cuboid.

Thanks to family friends of ours the Isons I was able to meet with their friend Dr. Lau – an orthopedic surgeon yesterday at Toronto Western. He was awesome. 

At first he was worried that my foot might have completely shifted over or that something else was broken other than the cuboid because it normally doesn't break on it's own. I also have huge pain sensitivity, especially on the bottom of my foot which is why it is almost impossible for me to put any weight on it. Even just lightly brushing the bottom is absolutely unbearable at the moment.

After another set CT scans and X-rays we learned that luckily the cuboid is the only bone that is fractured!! YES! And as for the sprain they can only see one complete tear of the ligament. YES!! So I will not need surgery. YES!!!

I will be on crutches for the next three weeks and then I will be able to start to weight bearing and hopefully I'll be walking in five. The extent of the nerve damage will be determined by another doctor soon. All in all, much better from the eight weeks to weight bearing that I thought at the beginning of the week.

The not so great news is that we have decided to postpone our honeymoon. Matt and I agree that even if I can put a little weight on my foot it just isn't worth it to hobble around Thailand and not explore it to the fullest potential. We will one day and that will be great when it happens. Right now we are considering a cruise or maybe just a week or two up at the cottage. It was hard but we know it was the best decision we could have made and luckily I have a travel visa so it looks like our insurance will be covered. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the ultimate dream team around me. Matt has been my nurse in shining armour. The Bod Squad has been SO supportive and the crutches make great poking tools to make sure nobody gets out of line! I know this injury will only make me stronger in the long run (pun intended). Thank you EVERYONE for your support over the last few days. It has meant the world to me. Be grateful for your cuboids today – they are two hard working little bones. Thanks so much for checking in!

Broken Cupid Bone

Well it is now officially official.

:: Side view of the foot – Cuboid Bone ::

I'm in trouble.

I woke up yesterday morning in a CRAZY amount of pain. All over my foot and shooting up my leg. I looked down and the entire bottom and side of my ankle was completely black. Even though I had my leg in the boot and elevated all night it still hurt more than ever before. 

I was told at my initial hospital visit that it was very difficult to spot broken bones in the feet right away because they are so small and there is usually a lot of swelling. I left the hospital with a sprain diagnosis but I knew that something was probably up last night.

It was time to go for a second opinion on my sprain. Luckily, a friend and fellow Bod Squader Emily gave me her doctor mom's contact info. Somehow I was able to reach her right away – so grateful. I went in 10 minutes later and got my foot re-examined. Right away she knew it was a "clinical fracture" and I needed x-rays to make sure that I didn't need surgery. Yikes but ok now I know the whole truth. I completely appreciated her frankness about the whole thing. It was refreshing to know exactly what I was dealing with. Over the past four days my foot has certainly has not improved and if I'm totally honest it's gotten way worse. I was sent off for x-rays round two.

The guy who took my x-rays was a temp, and unfortunately not a very good one if you ask me. When I was on the  x-ray table he went to pick my foot up and twist it to get a better shot at the fracture. I LOST it. Badly. Poor fellow. I basically said, "STOP THAT! My foot is FREAKING fractured. It's kind of seriously important that it gets better right away because my whole life depends on my mobility. If you make it worse by twisting me around I will not forgive you, so just tell me where to put my freaking foot and I'll put it there. Don't touch me. EVER!" I felt bad but honestly me without a workout in 6 days + the pain = I'm going to tell it like it is and then some. He complied. Roar.

I knew I would have the results later in the afternoon. The doctor called at 2:33 pm. I have a complete hairline fracture of my cuboid bone. The bone that connects your foot to your ankle. Apparently I'm her first ever cuboid bone fracture from trauma – woo hoo!! It looks non-displaced (aka no surgery) but they will need to do more x-rays to understand exactly what is going on. My recovery time for the fracture will be 8 weeks minimum. For the ligaments I'm looking at closer to 20 weeks. Well, let's be real – this happened on Sunday so 7.25 for the fracture, 19.25 for the ligaments then /2 because I'm a superwoman. Or at least I was one.


We have been planning our honeymoon to Thailand for the past year. We were to leave in 3.5 weeks. I feel absolutely terrible. Hence why I've nicknamed my broken cuboid bone as my broken cupid. I honestly could care less about limping down the aisle, but the honeymoon I really care about. I'm going to do absolutely EVERYTHING I possibly can to be healed by then. I'm resting right now but as soon as I feel like it's safe and the doctors tell me rehab is ON 1000%. This injury so far has not only impacted my work life – which believe me, after every single class this week I've cried more than once (and I'm not a crier) - I can't stand to deliver less than my best … at anything, especially Bod Squad because I pour my heart and soul into that. But now my honeymoon is seriously up in the air. This is getting personal. ROAR. ROAR.

I'm trying desperately to see the silver lining in all of this. Honestly, at the moment it seems pretty freaking thin. I'm going to allow myself to have self-pity for exactly .5 more seconds and then I will get over it.

All that I know right now is that as soon as it's go time, as soon as I'm healthy again I'm going to be better than ever. Seriously. This foot fracture will not stop me. In fact, it will bind me stronger than ever and then I will re-build me.

For all of you out there who are reading this right now and are injury free please dedicate a workout to me. If you're at all on the fence over the weekend about whether or not to workout please go for me. I can't tell you how much I already miss it and value exercise. Then tell me about it, nothing makes me happier! 

Also if you have any suggestions about how to heal faster I'm all ears, eyes and metatarsals. Please let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend and believe me I'll me at home RICE -ing my bum off an taking every single supplement I can to make this bone better. Plus this is last weekend of my Pilates training – wooo hooo! Take care everyone and move for me!

Birthday Boot

I consider myself captain safety whenever I exercise.

:: Never better! ::

I realize that my livelihood completely depends on me being at top physical condition – or as close to it as I can come so I really do everything in my power to avoid injury at all costs. I know I drive some of my running buddy friends crazy because I'm forever walking through slippy ice, rocky parts or anything that looks remotely unsafe. I've often thought that It would take the perfect storm of events to leave me injured, which I guess in retrospect is exactly what happened this past weekend.

I woke up early on Sunday – 7:10 am – to an alarm that had accidentally been left on and for some reason I was the only one who heard it. I ran upstairs to turn it off and by the time I got to it I was wide-awake. I decided that it would be the perfect chance for me to sneak in a long trail run before anyone else was up! I quickly laced up and headed out the door.

:: The view from the trails to the beach ::

I got going and was having a great run. The trails for the first 6 km were well travelled and at the halfway decision point I decided to stick with my long run plan and push through. I haven't been at the cottage much this year because of the Pilates course I'm taking so I didn't know that the next section was pretty overgrown. The trail was really narrow because of all the plants around it. You could barely see the bottom of the path.

What happened next took less than 2 seconds total. I heard what sounded like a deer on my right so I quickly turned to look at it, meanwhile my left foot got caught on a root and BAM. I was down on the ground in 0.2 seconds flat. Most disturbingly on my way down I heard "POP" and then another loud "POP". Followed each time by two strong vocal choice f-words! Right away I knew something was really wrong with my foot. I instinctively just started to crawl. I had about 1 km left in the trails before I would hit the main road. After about 100 m of crawling I decided to try to stand up. The pain was so intense at first I felt like I was going to throw up, which I thought to myself, "might distract the mosquitoes – do it" I was quickly back on my knees crawling to find help. Normally the trails are a little busier but because it was so early in the morning I was on my own.

After about 20 minutes I finally reached the road. At that point I had figured out a one-legged burpee crawl jump that was working well for me but there was no way I could keep that up for the final 5 km home. I needed to find someone. Luckily there was a man fishing on the river just where I popped out. He had a cockapoo. Phew. I decided he was therefore safe to approach. His name was Peter and he was kind enough to drive me to the park shop. Thank you Peter! It is nice to know there are still wonderful people in the world. Seriously without you I'd probably still be trying to make my way back to the cottage!

My mom came instantly to the rescue and wisely insisted on a hospital visit. Matt took the baton from there and drove me to Goderich – the biggest nearby town to get X-rays. Their hospital facilities were truly state of the art – seriously very impressive. 

Our doctor was great, pretty relaxed and only poked me a few times. He basically told us from the get-go that broken bones in feet are really hard to spot right away – they are so tiny and usually swollen at first. I'd be leaving in a fancy air pump boot cast no matter what. 


:: Miss New Booty ::

It has been three days now and all things considered I'm doing really well. I got a fitbit for my birthday and my goal is to try to stay under 100 steps a day! Which is pretty much impossible but I'm determined to do absolutely everything I can to get better – even if it means doing the hardest thing of all for me – nothing.

I continue to be eternally grateful for Matt who has been my personal chef, piggy backer extraordinare and honestly feeds me Advil and water like they are candies. Yum!

I will still be teaching bod squad – with some awesome body assistants!! But unfortunately my video series will likely be delayed until the end of the summer… unless I make it all one legged exercises, which I've honestly already considered!

I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'd say best case I'm looking at 12 more days in the boot but this is not going to cramp my style one bit! Today is my 26th birthday and even with this little setback still feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thanks for being a big part of the reason why!

Yes, I'm THAT Bride

So I bought another dress.

:: Do not panic!! This just me in a dress - not my actual dress! ::

I remember watching an episode a long time ago on "Say Yes to the Dress" featuring brides that were there buying a second dress and thinking, "I'd never do that." Well now I did that.

Throughout this entire wedding planning process I've kind of been pretty passive. I come from a family of extremely organized party planners and really honestly I'd rather be working out then choosing linens so early on I entrusted my mom and sister with the majority of the details. They are absolute superstars at this and I knew that ultimately they would do a great job with a few general pointers from me. I'm really looking forward to being married but the wedding industry is a big bad wolf that I wanted to avoid as much as possible. If it weren't for our amazing families and Matt I'd be off to elope on a mountain, a beach, anywhere!! But I do see the value of that moment and I'm looking forward to I know what will be a beautiful day.

Anyway back to the dress story. So I went to try on dresses right away. We didn't really know the venue or size of the party but I was told that you need at least nine months to buy a dress by the wedding guides and I was excited to get a dress and be done with it. Wrong attitude. Bad Christie.

 I tried a dress on in Toronto that I kind of liked, went to New York tried on dresses there and realized I didn't want to have to sell a kidney to buy a dress, came back to Toronto and ultimately settled on the first dress again. 

Don't get me wrong, the first dress would have been fine but it certainly wasn't super special and I really wasn't all that excited to put it on. I do think the girl makes the dress but if there's one day when you really want to feel extra special it's probably your wedding day!

I'd been having my own silent small doubts for a few weeks and then finally I secretly asked Matt what he thought of my dress. I know a total no-no but I was pretty certain at that point I was going to make a change. Without really knowing Matt agreed with me the dress wasn't right and that was perfect because it confirmed what I was feeling. I know I could wear a paper bag and a push-up bra to our wedding Matt would be thrilled but I was then set to find "the" dress. 

I went on Pinterest - which I do maybeee once a month and instantly found a tiny picture of THE dress. I said to myself, ok if this is real I know this will be my dress. I clicked on the image which luckily led me to the designer's website. Ok now is it in stock? – YES! Ok now is it sold in Canada? – YES! Where? – PORT CREDIT, what are the chances?!? I'm taking a Pilates reformer course there right now for the next six weeks! I quickly called the store –Pearl Bridal – and asked if they had the dress. It turned out they just received the sample the day before and I could come and try it on anytime. I booked an appointment for the very next morning right before Pilates. I dragged my friend Garnet with me – thank you!! I tried on the sample and it fit like a glove. This was it. Then the news got even sweeter. Because I fit the sample size I could buy that dress for a huge discount. YES! As soon as we saw the price difference Garnet was like, "run back in there and tell her you're taking it today!"

I brought it home yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. I sold my first dress on consignment already and considering the huge discount I got for getting the sample dress I'm still ahead financially speaking! I am so happy and can't wait to wear this dress now! The lesson I learned here is don't settle. I had the "let's just hurry this up and be done with it" attitude for round one and really what I've come to accept and appreciate is this will truly be a once in a lifetime and I don't just want to wham bam thank you ma'am the planning process. If we are doing this wedding thing then gosh darn it it's going to be done RIGHT!

September 20th will be here before we know it! I can't wait to show you the dress then!!  

Engagement Photo(s)

Last weekend I did something I never thought I would do.

Took engagement photos! 

When Matt suggested we take engagement photos I originally was totally against it. I think for the most part they are SO super duper awkward. But I figured this is truly a once in a lifetime and why not get them done and go from there.

We decided to take them up at my family's cottage in Grand Bend. We love it up there and the cottage has a lot of meaning for both of us so it felt really right. On photo day I was asked by my make-up artist, maid of honour, best sister Lindsay to be ready an hour in advance to get my make-up and hair done. We were doing well then mid blow-dry the power went out at our cottage and the cottage beside us and the one beside that! YIKES! Our photographer Erin arrived and I was basically naked with soaking wet hair, perfect. Panic. She was amazing, so relaxed about it and that was awesome. Erin will also be our wedding photographer so it was great meeting her in advance and getting practice taking pictures with Matt (he's a natural!).

After all I absolutely love them, these two are my favourites.

Those of you who know me well know that I'm pretty much the anti-bride. Don't get me wrong – I love a great wedding – just not all the craziness that comes with it. I've seen a lot of cray-cray go on with weddings and I'm just so totally not into that. So far I'm happy we have managed to keep it simple. The way I see it I'm really looking forward to my marriage and the wedding will be fun too. One thing I know for sure is that I've picked the best possible groom ever and I believe that more and more everyday.

Champagne Birthday

Today is Matt's champagne birthday!

That means he is turning 28 on the 28th of February (today!). 

Matt is by far one of the biggest sources of fitspiration in my life. When I first met Matt he worked out 10x as much as I did … which was a lot! We met at Western University, where we both were taking Kinesiology. Right from the get go he encouraged me to take some extremely difficult but interesting science courses to deepen my knowledge base. I know those courses really gave me huge confidence to do what I do now today. When I decided to make fitness my full time thing Matt was so supportive right from the get-go. My country man even moved to Toronto!

Matt has been with me from the very beginning of this fitness journey. He helped plant the roots and ever since he hasn't missed a single class. I always look to and can trust him for feedback, the good, bad and the lucky. He's my toughest client and I love him for it. I am constantly inspired by Matt's ability to ALWAYS see the good in people and I know that not only has he made me a better trainer but I'm also a better person for knowing him. 

I can't wait to celebrate tonight with some champagne and grilled cheese – perfectly classy combo! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Valentine's From lululemon

My Valentines (whether they like it or not haha!) are absolutely my Bod Squaders (and yes Matt is a Bod Squader!).

They bring me so much joy through their pain every single day. Thank you guys for smiling wide through the squats and sit-ups! Without Bod Squad there would be no Preston Fitness and without Preston Fitness there would be no sunshine for Christie Preston! 

When I told my friends at lululemon that I wanted to surprise my Valentines they were SO helpful organizing this surprise for us. 

:: Bod Squaders with their new tops! ::

Tuesday was your typical Bod Squad day filled with fun and torture with a mini twist at the end. I had my groups close their eyes during their last stretch and when they got up they were greeted with a brand new top on the end of their mat! Seeing the looks on their faces reminded me of how much better it is to give than receive. The Bod Squad absolutely loved their new tanks and tops … and they look pretty lovely in them!

I continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of lululemon. Their support as a business has been absolutely invaluable. I am now and have always been honoured to be associated with them, through thick and (not) thin (tights)! I've seen the backbone of the company and can tell that it is comprised of the biggest hearts I've ever known. The friendships I now have through my ambassadorship have been incredibly inspiring and absolutely life changing. This gift and this dream would not be possible with out you, thanks for being my everyday Valentine lululemon! 

8 Happy Thanks

As I look back on this last year I am SO thankful for so much. I have narrowed it down to my top 8.

:: The view from our secret picnic spot, if we bring you here we will probably propose to you ::

1. Happiest time of week: Date nights with Matt on Fridays (and really just any moment with Matt!). I love date night! In the winter time we usually do homemade pizza night, sometimes we go out for food but we both love to just relax, have some wine and chill at home. Last week we had a picnic in the Brickworks. It was wonderful and super special because it will probably be our last one this year due to weather. This is our go-to picnic spot and it is absolutely perfect, seriously you can't get better views at a restaurant! And it's FREE!

2. Bod Squad: I truly LOVE my job and love the people that make my job loveable. I think Bod Squaders are just the best people around and they make my week amazing. They inspire me and push me to be a better trainer, listener and coach. Mad love and burpees team!!

3. Food: I love food. And I am grateful that I get to enjoy it and lots of it! This weekend we made my favourite butternut squash and maple bacon recipe omg delicious!

4. Foam Rollers: I know, you think I'm joking but I'm for real. Foam rollers have saved and changed how I recover from exercise. They are the most brutally painful thing I do all week but they help me so so so much. I couldn't do what I do without one and shucks gosh darn it I'm thankful for them.

5. Interval running: my first and foremost passion in fitness. I love that in 20 minutes I can get done what takes some people 2 hours. It's all about focused, intense, controlled exercise. I love that my body still loves and responds to running … and is getting faster!

6. Pilates Reformer: I am SO SO SO lucky to have my own and to be able to train on it everyday. I love working out on my machine and sweating buckets while stretching up a storm. It's a perfect counter to my Bod Squad style workouts and my running. Love it.

7. Friends: that will actually come on a run with me at 11 pm … or at the very least bring over some red wine. I have made some pretty incredible friends this year and I love them all. They inspire me to be better, kinder and have more time management integrity. And they bring me tea too.

8. Grand Bend and my family: I love our beach home and I am SO excited to be married there next year. I just came home from a weekend away and I feel so lucky to have a place there with my family. They are amazing and I love them. I could honestly sleep for 20 hours up there (and I have!). It's a little piece of heaven with amazing trails and beautiful beaches, I can't wait to be back.

Finally I am SO thankful to YOU!! Thanks for reading this blog and helping support my small business that could! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Two Little Kittens : Proposal Story

Hello beauties and bodies! I figured it was about time to come back and share with you all the excitement that has been going on in my life over the last two weeks… LOTS to catch up on!

:: Our new condo on the beach!!! Kidding – more pictures to come of our city diggs ::

Matt and I moved into a beautiful two bedroom condo directly down the hall from our first condo – more on that to come later! On our first night in the new condo Matt caught me completely by surprise (very hard to do) and asked me to be his bride. We have been dating for 5+ years and have talked several times about marriage so I wasn't completely shocked haha! But it was wonderful. Here's how it happened:

Like I mentioned above, we just moved into a two bedroom condo and had spent two longgggg days painting the entire place, getting new furniture delivered, moving our stuff down the hall. For 515 square feet we somehow managed to pack a lot in our old spot, we couldn't believe how much stuff we gave away or threw out, it was nuts! Any way, back to the proposal!! So around 4 pm on the second day of non-stop moving we were nearing the finish line. I was about ready to go to bed in my sweat pants and shower-less body but Matt was seriously interested in celebrating our new diggs. Which is totally his style to celebrate that type of moment so I really didn't think much of it then. Except he was sweating which was strange but I summed it up in my mind that he wasn't feeling awesome, exhausted but still excited to be done. I told Matt that if he wanted to celebrate I'd be down but this was his pony, he would have to get everything ready and I'd show up to the party. Matt happily agreed and biked off to get steaks, champagne, kale salad and chocolate covered strawberries. In the meantime, back on the home-front I rallied and (thankfully!!!) took a shower, put a dress on and ran a comb threw my hair!

Matt arrived home and was armed with Red Bulls, in hindsight, a certain clue - Matt and I have probably had three Red Bulls in the past five years, combined. Instead, blonde Christie thought, ok wow, Matt really wants to make this night fun! We ate dinner – delicious. Then went to sit on our new sectional. I was feeling a lot better and glad Matt had made the effort to make this a fun move in. Matt then suggested that because we didn't have any internet that we read a story together instead, "Great!". He then started pulling random books from the shelf, the third book Matt offered was a new book called, "The Two Little Kittens". Side note: Matt makes me an anniversary book every year as a recap of the special events of the year. Now I was finally clueing in: this was my proposal!!!!!!!!! Matt's hand started shaking so much his wine was sloshing everywhere and this book was not on my anniversary. YIKES. Wow. The pop-up book was amazing then Matt got down on one knee and said some things I will cherish forever. I said yes, yes, yes and then like 5 minutes later finally cried!! The ring is insanely gorgeous, sparkles in the dark. 

We have been in massive wedding planning mode ever since! We would both love to get married at my family cottage in Grand Bend but details are still being finalized.

Engaged life is incredible. I am happier than I ever thought I would be, Matt is totally my rock and number one fan - I am also Matt's! He makes me want to be a better person and really makes me believe in this crazy dream to start a fitness empire! I could do this without Matt but it would not be half as great or successful or fun! I am SO excited to start this next chapter together. Get ready to hear wedding plans right here on this blog … thanks in advance for putting up with me! 

30 Years Strong

My parents recently celebrated 30 years of marriage!

:: Mom on her wedding day 30 years ago ::

They are both a huge inspiration to me. Seeing two people who work together, workout together and have fun together for 30 years is actually pretty amazing. They both make each other better people and their teamwork has proven to be very successful! I am so happy for them and I consider myself lucky to have them as parents.

:: 30 years later in the same dress!! ::

Can we talk about the fact that mom fit into her dress?!?!? Pretty amazing after 30 years it still fits like a glove! My mom and dad are healthier than ever, they workout at Bod Squad three times per week, dad lifts weights once more per week and my mom does yoga once or twice a week. They put me to shame!!! My parents are proof that age is really just a number, I think they look and feel even better than they did at their 20th anniversary! I look forward to 30+ more years of family Bod Squads and interval sprints!! Congratulations to the strongest couple I know, love you both!!

Bod Squad Focus Wrap Up!

This was the last week of indoor Bod Squad, we took some class photos!

:: Monday and Wednesday morning class! ::

:: Tuesday and Thursday night class! ::

:: Tuesday and Thursday morning class! ::

Aren't they the cutest!?!?

The people in these photos have inspired me SO much! Over the last eight months we have spent a ton of time together and I honestly can't imagine a better group of people. They make my mornings and nights so much fun! Thank you Bod Squad, you guys are the best!!!

We have a week off now and then we start outdoor Bod Squad Monday May 6! I can't wait to get outside, I've been busy dreaming up lots of new workouts … this is going to be our best summer yet! If you would like to join in on the fun sign-up here!! There are still a few spots open!!