Studio to Sparkle

Whenever I spend over $100 on a piece of clothing I need to be able to wear it more than one way. Or if it is something like a jacket - I need to wear it at least enough to make the $ per wear amount as small as possible!

:: Necklace - H&M, Leather Jacket - All Saints, Bra - lululemon, Top - lululemon, Tights - lululemon, booties - Clarks, Blanket - Bay ::

These pants are a perfect multi-functional piece that I can mix into a workout and they can even be cute with booties and a leather jacket for night time! They work well beyond the mat! This floral pattern is absolutely beautiful. I wasn't sure about it at first but on they look amazing. They are business in the back - party in the front! 

This necklace has been a party staple so far this season! The grey colour goes with just about anything. It was a great inexpensive find that has brighten up jeans and a tee or tights and a tee! The purple brings out the florals nicely!

I love working my "work" clothing into my fancy dance wear BUT I don't recommend going straight from a class onto a party - you will not make fast friends! Wash your workout wear before you mix it into your day wear!

I hope you all have been enjoying this holiday season!! I'm looking forward to wrapping up work tomorrow and heading on to family holiday events. This will be our first year doing the entire Christmas season together and I'm looking forward to showing Matt some of our family traditions and learning his too! On boxing day we leave for a week down south!! 

I'll be back tomorrow with one more post and then you'll be able to follow me on facebook and Instagram for updates on our mini honeymoon trip to the Caribbean!! Thanks everyone!

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