Camo Care

Yesterday my friends Nina and Kyle from lululemon Cumberland stopped by with a really nice gift. Themselves!

run inspire crops

:: Run Inspire Crops from Cumberland lululemon ::

And a beautiful pair of inspire crops (my favourites!)! I love the army green … they make the crutches look even more hardcore! Very nice of my store and once again makes me incredibly proud to be their ambassador.

One question I have been asked often in my two weeks off workouts (longest since I was 8!) is what do I miss the most?

Honestly, before all of this happened I would have thought I'd miss the physical aspect but in reality I am finding that I'm missing the emotional release that working out provides. Exercise releases endorphins which really do play a huge role in personality. I have been joking that I'm a little snappy turtle now – slow and quick to bite! The feeling after a great week of workouts is certainly what I have missed the most. 

But I really have (with a few exceptions!) paid close attention to healthy eating and that too makes a big difference. I'm ok with getting a little soft but I'm not ok with getting soft AND fat! haha!!

I'm grateful that I'm in less and less pain everyday which really helps my mobility and sense of hope. I'm on week two now and looking forward to continuing to get better everyday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – looks like it will be a gorgeous one!!