Pink Suede Shoes

:: Dress: BCBG (on sale!), Shoes: H&M, Necklace: J. Crew,  Blazer: Smythe (old), ring: Vintage Birks (old, family heirloom) ::

I love walking through Toronto in the summertime. We live right on the outskirts of a gorgeous neighborhood called Rosedale. It's fun walking though the area to see the old architecture and wonder what the city was like when these stately homes were first built. Every house looks massive in comparison to the 515 square feet we call home – the funny thing though is I can't imagine needing anymore space than we already have!
On date night Matt and I make it a point to walk or bike to dinner and this past Friday was no exception. It feels good to work up an appetite on the way and walk off a big meal after dinner. I was feeling a little fancy and so I got all dressed up! Why not? This dress is really flattering on, it seems to hug all the right spots and is still really comfortable. I love Smythe Jackets, I've had this pink one for years and I still get complements on it all the time. These low heeled pink suede shoes are perfect for walking the 20ish minutes to dinner and still look really cute without giving me blisters or requiring a piggy back.