My Boyfriends Back

Matt is finally back in town! Last night we celebrated his return with a casual romantic dinner picnic in the Brickworks. It was great seeing photos and sharing stories on what we had missed in eachother's lives over the last three weeks. During our picnic I couldn't help but notice how our weather is already turning much cooler at night. I came home to browse some boyfriend-inspired outfits for a fast coming fall.

1. Fine-knit cashmere cardigan :: J. Crew

2. Rosa cashmere sweater :: Club Monaco

3. Cashmere cardigan :: J. Crew

4. Hutton sweater :: T. Babaton

5. Straw bow hat :: Gucci (But I bought an almost identical one at a flea market near my cottage. I love the sharp black strap contrast against the light straw, that's what I looked for and found a similar hat for under $10)

6. The Boyfriend Jeans :: Current Elliott

7. Wayfarer :: Ray Ban