$20 Sundress

I love a sundress!

:: Dress – H&M, Shoes – Zara, Necklace – J.Crew ::

Because I'm in spandex workout wear 99% of the time I like to wear dresses whenever I can in the summer!

A client of mine, Nora, has the best style! She wore this dress for her birthday and when I saw it I was sure it was a $100+ dress. When she told me it was from H&M I couldn't believe it. I love the fact that it's very white, great to show off a tan and the pleats are really fun. Last week I was in H&M and It was on sale for $20, I love a bargin so I scooped it up!

Matt absolutely loves the dress but isn't sure about the shoes! He calls them my pinata shoes! I think they're fun! What do you guys think?!