Studio to Sparkle

Whenever I spend over $100 on a piece of clothing I need to be able to wear it more than one way. Or if it is something like a jacket - I need to wear it at least enough to make the $ per wear amount as small as possible!

:: Necklace - H&M, Leather Jacket - All Saints, Bra - lululemon, Top - lululemon, Tights - lululemon, booties - Clarks, Blanket - Bay ::

These pants are a perfect multi-functional piece that I can mix into a workout and they can even be cute with booties and a leather jacket for night time! They work well beyond the mat! This floral pattern is absolutely beautiful. I wasn't sure about it at first but on they look amazing. They are business in the back - party in the front! 

This necklace has been a party staple so far this season! The grey colour goes with just about anything. It was a great inexpensive find that has brighten up jeans and a tee or tights and a tee! The purple brings out the florals nicely!

I love working my "work" clothing into my fancy dance wear BUT I don't recommend going straight from a class onto a party - you will not make fast friends! Wash your workout wear before you mix it into your day wear!

I hope you all have been enjoying this holiday season!! I'm looking forward to wrapping up work tomorrow and heading on to family holiday events. This will be our first year doing the entire Christmas season together and I'm looking forward to showing Matt some of our family traditions and learning his too! On boxing day we leave for a week down south!! 

I'll be back tomorrow with one more post and then you'll be able to follow me on facebook and Instagram for updates on our mini honeymoon trip to the Caribbean!! Thanks everyone!

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10 Second Fix for Flare Pants

Guys. Seriously. This trick is amazing.

So I know almost every single one of us bought a pair of flare workout pants in high school. Most of us still have them - probably tucked somewhere in the back of your closet but now is the time to break them back out again.

Two words:

French Cuff

This will transform your old pants and make them cool again!

Perfect to wear tucked with boots or indoors. This simple update will put an old staple back into rotation again!

Here's a video that will show you exactly how to french cuff your pants.

Watch carefully - I found it tricky at first but once you get it it's really simple!

How to french cuff. Thanks @justthejess On the blog today update your flare workout pants in 16 seconds!

A video posted by Christie Preston (@beautyandthebod) on

The Whole Outfit

:: Sunglasses - dior (old), Coat - Aritiza (old), sweater - lululemon, chambray shirt - J.Crew, pants - lululemon, boots - roots :: 

I LOVE the cute heart detail on this sweater. It is the perfect layer to add after a class or just out for coffee with friends. The thumb holes make it easy to layer with a jacket and keep the sleeves from bunching. 

The french cuff really fits inside boots and keeps the look polished. 

Cozy Cranberry

Studio to street basically sums up my entire fashion style.

I'm forever running from studios to home appointments to my own workouts to coffees to cook to the grocery store and back again. I love workout outfits that can serve as multifunctional pieces because I rarely just workout in my clothes!

Here's my latest favourite festive take on sweat style!


:: Chunky cabin toque: Roots , camel coat : Aritizia (old), high neck swiftly: lululemon, cranberry wunder unders: lululemon, roll over boot: Roots ::


:: High neck swiftly: lululemon, cranberry wunder unders: lululemon ::

I love high neck workout tops. When you're teaching or even taking a class it's nice to know that there will be no chance of wardrobe malfunctions! These cranberry tights are a nice change from the classic black. wunder unders are my favourite yoga, Pilates and stretch pant. They move nicely with you and don't have a zipper pocket in the back that gets in the way on the mat. The best part - they match my nails! 


Cozy Maxi

When the maxi dress first came back in style I held off on the trend for a while. 

Being 5'3 and 3/4 I wasn't sure if they would a. actually fit me and b. if they would make me look 3'5 and wide!

This summer I took a chance on this dress when I broke my foot. I ordered it online thinking the slit would be perfect because my cast could be accessed quickly and my leg would have room to move. It was perfect! 

It turns out I LOVE maxi dresses. They are really easy to wear and this dress has transitioned well into the first bits of fall. 

Add some boots and a jean jacket and we are good to go! And these boots are my absolute fall favourites. I wear them all the time with absolutely everything. They are an updated ugg in my mind. Super comfortable and so easy to wear. 

 :: Dress - Aritizia, Jean Jacket - Zara (old), Boots - Roots :: 

Bundle Up

I am obsessed with this scarf/wrap/coat/poncho/cape.

:: Bundle Up Scarf – lululemon, Jeans (on sale!)- J. Crew, Roll Over Tribe Boots – Roots (LOVE these), Top – Aritizia old (also seen here) ::

an I was on the fence about this piece when I first saw it online but I had to try it on in the store. Wow! Not too thick, certainly warm enough for fall days to use as a coat, and very versatile!! Looks super chic and more expensive than it is!I

I think it's because it really connects with my inner 89 year old. I LOVE it. And want fall to last forever so that it can stay in my daily wardrobe forever! 

The shape of it allows you to wear it as a blanket scarf and it doesn't fall off my shoulders. 

AND it is reversible (sort of, actually I think I just made that up, but it doesn't look bad inside-out!).

AND it's a scarf too. 

Seriously job well done lululemon. I'll be loving this one long time.

Fall Form

I waited for years to find just the right leather jacket.

:: All Saints – leather jacket, Aritzia – tank top, Fidelity – jeans, Zara – scarf (old), Zara – booties (old) ::

When we were in England (four – yikes feels like yesterday!) years ago now I first discovered All Saints walking through Notting Hill in London. At the time I had zero income so I decided to pick lunch over leather and passed on some beautiful jackets. Then it came to Canada! The jackets found ME!

I know I will be wearing this with absolutely everything!

I finally took the jump this fall and I absolutely love this jacket – the side zip, small quilted detailing and really slimming cut are all winners in my book. This with jeans, fun boots and an oversized scarf blanket is what I am living in on weekends this fall.

Little Black Luon

I love how lululemon has been upping their street style lately. Now it's the perfect one stop shop and more dangerous than ever for me! This little black dress got a LOT of rotation this summer and has still come in handy at least once a week with this warmer fall weather.

I scooped this up the first time it came to lululemon in April and it has been seriously the best thing I've purchased all year. The fabric is completely washable but it still maintains it's shape – I've washed this dress at least 10x and it looks just like it did when I first bought it.

I love the compression of this dress. I don't even need a bra with it because it's built perfectly up top. You might need to get someone to help do it up … or it's a good chance to practice some yoga moves zipping this up!

If you do a lot of traveling this is the perfect pack and go dress. You can dress it up or throw on a jean jacket with flip flops and you're good to go for daytime!

The good news is this dress is back in stores now! 

:: Here to There Dress – lululemon, Crystal Necklace – J. Crew, Glitter Flats – old (but love these) ::


Burgundy & Beaches

Thanksgiving at the cottage this weekend could not have been better. The weather was perfect, the turkey was delicious and fall colours were out in full force. My favourite fall colour this year is burgundy, I love this new top I wore to our big family celebration. We cooked, ran on the trails, sang, danced and even had a hula hoop contest!

My mom loves seasonal decor – this year her new dried pepper reef was my favourite – good enough to eat. Meanwhile inside I channeled my inner Martha and made some inspired turkey napkins for the table.

Already counting the days until we are up there next!

:: Top: T. Babaton, Jeans: J. Crew, Necklace: old H&M, Shoes: Pour La Victorie ::

Falling for a Party Dress

I have a BIG thing for dresses.

:: Dress – BCBG, Shoes – Zara (old), Jacket – All Saints ::

I'm not the best at matching outfits so I love how easy dresses are to throw on and go and you're all done! I also don't get to wear a lot of them during a regular day so it's fun to dress up when I get the chance. This fall I have a few weddings and I am SO excited to wear this dress. 

I love the shape of it - the tight fitting top is great but I love the flouncy skirt. It's a nice fall heavier weight but it will be light enough to wear inside and not sweat to death! Sleeveless for me is SO key.

This dress is so easy to wear and very flattering. BONUS it was on SALE in stores – just not online. 

And can we talk about these shoes! I purchased these last year at Zara and they are awesome!! I LOVE the lace-up and it actually makes them way easier to walk in – even on cobblestones I managed to not fall and break my foot again! WIN! I hope they make these again – I'd by at least three more pairs!

Charming Braid

Charming Braid – the double is only available in store but the single version is online    here

Charming Braid – the double is only available in store but the single version is online here

I love the way a cute headband can really pull together and entire outfit.

The problem I often face with workout headbands is that my noodle is rather petite and they fall off constantly! I usually spend most of my workout time re-adjusting the headband and then eventually rip it off.

I was in lululemon yesterday … like a kid in a candy store I just can't help myself there! I walked up to the cash chatting with a friend and glanced down at this super cute headband. I tried it on and it fit like a glove. AND it was on sale! Love a sale!

Last night I tested it out at a workout and YES! It stayed on the entire time – even during ring handstands!! If you can't find a headband that stays on try out the charming braid but hurry they are almost gone!


White as Rain

White has always been my favourite colour to wear … especially so lately!

:: Plasmic Parka from Mountain Hardwear ::

I just have a bad habit of quickly dirtying white things! When I received this awesome coat from Mountain Hardwear I was initially scared that the white wouldn't last long with me as an owner. I have put this coat to the test this summer and it's as white as the very first day I wore it. 

The long length is great for biking (nothing worse than a wet bike bum) and it keeps me VERY dry.

Great coat thank you! 

Camo Care

Yesterday my friends Nina and Kyle from lululemon Cumberland stopped by with a really nice gift. Themselves!

run inspire crops

:: Run Inspire Crops from Cumberland lululemon ::

And a beautiful pair of inspire crops (my favourites!)! I love the army green … they make the crutches look even more hardcore! Very nice of my store and once again makes me incredibly proud to be their ambassador.

One question I have been asked often in my two weeks off workouts (longest since I was 8!) is what do I miss the most?

Honestly, before all of this happened I would have thought I'd miss the physical aspect but in reality I am finding that I'm missing the emotional release that working out provides. Exercise releases endorphins which really do play a huge role in personality. I have been joking that I'm a little snappy turtle now – slow and quick to bite! The feeling after a great week of workouts is certainly what I have missed the most. 

But I really have (with a few exceptions!) paid close attention to healthy eating and that too makes a big difference. I'm ok with getting a little soft but I'm not ok with getting soft AND fat! haha!!

I'm grateful that I'm in less and less pain everyday which really helps my mobility and sense of hope. I'm on week two now and looking forward to continuing to get better everyday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – looks like it will be a gorgeous one!!

Festival Bag

I cannot stop raving about my festival bag.

I am obsessed with this pouch/bag/sack. It is the everything bag. I wore it to a wedding on Saturday and then to a workout class on Monday. It carries everything perfectly. I am ALWAYS looking for something – my watch, keys, glasses, answer to the meaning of life. This bag has ALL of that at my finger tips.

The three different containers store everything separately so you're not digging in your bag forever. 

Yes, the festival bag will absolutely be coming on our honeymoon, it's the perfect mini travel pack. I'm in love.

Lab Dress

The lululemon lab is absolutely the coolest store I have ever been in.

There is only one and it is in Vancouver! EVERYTHING is made onsite, like next door. You can see it! I wasn't allowed to take photos to protect the privacy of the store so instead I bought a dress to show you!!

Very high quality product and super cool design. This is where a lot of the main stream lululemon stuff gets prototyped and in 1-2 years you will see it in normal stores! And there also is also a street-wear component to the store so there are some dresses and skirts that you could sweat in but they are really pretty!!

I LOVE this dress I bought there! Super comfortable, reversible and casual yet dressy. Next time you're in Vancouver you've got to check it out!

p.s. Stay tuned for a full summit recap tomorrow!

Help Me Get Dressed for the Ball

I can't believe this will be our third year going to Memory Ball! This charity dance and party supports Alzheimer's care and research. It is by far my favourite event of the year. I'm lucky enough to train two superstars Carolyn and Kat who play a huge role in putting together the event. I love seeing my friends there and supporting the fantastic cause. 

I've asked you guys every year (see one) (see two) to help me get dressed for the ball. I would love your help again this year! This is the first time Matt and I have a different dress choice, I will be interested to see who you guys side with!! Can you guess which one he wants?! Both are comfortable, one is warm! 

:: Option One – From Mendocino ::

:: Option Two – By Elizabeth and James ::

Please vote for your choice below in the comments. May the best dress win! 

p.s. Shoes are by Christian Louboutin. I scored them three years ago in Beverly Hills at an insane sample sale for less than $200! They have been good to me over the years, I've probably worn them over 30 times!

p.s.s. I can't wait to re-grow my herb garden again this year.

Saying Yes to the Dress Differently

Not going to lie, I am a massive fan of the show, "Say Yes to the Dress".

:: Bride got back! This was my second-runner up dress ::

Even before I was engaged my stylish, and very bridal enthusiastic, sister Lindsay mentioned a trip visiting the mecca itself – Kleinfelds in New York City – and the idea of that was really exciting. Basically the day after we announced our engagement Lindsay was on the phones booking New York appointments – best maid of honour ever! I would have probably just thought we could walk right on in! 

Matt and I for the past two years have visited friends in Manhattan during the November long weekend so this year my family heard about our trip and booked themselves to come along dress shopping! Of course they were welcome with open arms carrying bridal magazines.

Before New York we wanted to gain some perspective so we first went to a few stores in Toronto – everything from a custom dress shop, to a fancy store in Yorkville, to budget bridal stores. My family was awesome taking pictures of me and filming my "walk down the aisle" in the store, which was a great idea to see how the dresses moved! The custom shop was cool but for my high school prom I had a HORRIBLE custom dress experience that left me never ever wanting anything custom ever again. The designer insisted I order a size 14, which I was a bit bigger in high school but not that much bigger. When the dress was ready I tried it on and I looked like a fat mermaid complete with fins,litterally there were fin-like ruffles on the bum of the dress. It was terrible and I vowed to myself then and there that buying dresses off the rack is the way to go. So the custom idea was out and the other stores we checked out seemed ok but I wanted to see what New York had to offer.  

I went to New York with an idea of the dresses I wanted and there we only visited very high end stores, I'm talking 5k+ per dress – which from years of watching bridal shows I had been totally brainwashed into believing that basically that's what you HAD to spend if you wanted any dress that was half decent. Spoiler alert: turns out luckily that's totally false information.

I found two dresses that I loved in New York. One was an Oscar de la Renta which was absolutely beautiful but I feared for my conservative country-man groom that it would be a little too avant-garde for his taste. The second dress contender I found at Kleinfelds and I loved it but it was over my budget and after I learned that I would have to pay additional tax on top of the dress to get it home then find a tailor to alter it here I decided to pass on it. A dress is after all just that – a dress! 

Anyway I went back to the first store we shopped at in Toronto – Ferre Sposa – and I feel in love with a dress that I had originally tried on about a month ago. I wrote about my initial disappointment with the initial bridal shopping trips in my blog here. I admittingly didn't give the dresses much of a chance the first time we looked because I wasn't totally prepared for what the experience would be like. Going back I went with my game-face on, I knew what to expect and I was ready to pull the trigger and make a purchase! I brought three girlfriends with me, my "panel" and they were adorable, so great to have them be completely supportive. After 10 minutes I said yes to the dress at a price tag of less than 1/5th of my original budget! I have shoes that cost more than this dress!! I absolutely love my dress and the best part is I don't feel like I've compromised in the slightest. The designer for those of you who are in the market is La Sposa – a designer from Barcelona.  

Running this business has really re-taught me the value of a dollar and made me realize what is important to me and what isn't. I work freaking hard for $5,000 and when I feel like it will make me a better person, business woman, friend whatever I'm happy to spend money.  When it won't I'm not going to spend it just because it was allowed. The dress is where I decided to hold back a bit and I'm really glad I did. 

Bottom line: spend the money on the things that will be most important to you. You can find an absolutely beautiful dress for under $1,500. As much as "Say Yes to the Dress" is an amazing show don't let it trap you into thinking you need to spend an arm and a leg to be happy!

Guest Etc.

When one of my favourite style blogs asked me to model for them I JUMPED at the opportunity. I love Guest Etc. because it is so applicable to my life; they style lululemon pieces with high fashion items to display how you can make the most of your workout wear. Genius!

I shot two possible looks with them:

:: Pure Balance Sweater + Fluff Off Vest ::

I loved the sweater but it didn't look great on me in the photographs because it's a little oversized. Beautiful in person though! 

The outfit we shot was one that I would actually wear! I LOVE a great little vest. The experience was so much fun. Jonathan – the man behind the blog – is a gem. He made me feel like a movie star and we got this shot in less than 10 minutes. Great! In no way shape or form do I consider myself a model but this experience has reminded me of how just putting in a little extra effort when you get dressed in the morning can make a big impact on the rest of your day. 

Thank you Guest Etc! For more and my interview visit the blog here.

Plaid Pants

For 12 years I woke up and wore plaid

:: Trench coat: Burberry, Pants: Joe Fresh, Top: h&m, Shoes: Browns - old, watch: Michael Kors – old ::

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED wearing my uniform in high school but eventually the plaid kilt and tie got a little tired after awhile. It's been almost ten years and now I'm finally starting to work plaid back in my wardrobe. It's just so festive!

I love Joe Fresh, especially for trends it's chic, cheap and cheerful. I saw these pants first in New York and loved them. They are the perfect dinner party date pant - so cute and comfortable! If you're ordering these online size down for sure. I was shocked when the size 2 fit me best (normally I'm a 4 – 6). 

Shock Absorbed

I'm not much of a bouncer.

So when I was asked to sample the Running Room's best selling support sports bra: The Shock Absorber, I really didn't know what to expect. I had never worn a full support sports bra before.

Yesterday I took the bra out on a sample run. Matt came along to take photos and he was the official bounce watcher haha! Rough day on the job. During my run test there was absolutely NO bouncing at all. Personally I loved the bra! It is super comfortable to wear. I won't need this much support on a daily basis but if I'm doing an intense trail run or bike ride this will be a good bra to have on! 

Because I'm not really a bouncer for good measure I had two more well endowed ladies at Bod Squad sample the bras to get a real picture of how well it works.

As for my testers:

Carolyn came to Bod Squad on her first day wearing three sports bras! I knew she would be the perfect person to trial the bra with me. Carolyn sampled the same bra I'm wearing "Run Bra by Shock Absorber". Here's what she had to say:

“I tried the shock absorber bra for the first time, and was completely blown away. I have always been a larger cup size, on a small (ish) frame, finding a sports bra that works is near impossible. I always found it comical switching from 1 bra all day at work to 3-4 “sports” bras just to hit the gym.
Christie Preston, through Bod Squad, puts us through intense plyometric workouts, and therefore bounce is something I dread. After several high exhausting jump squats I didn’t feel a thing, only wearing 1 BRA! Incredible product, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another kind of bra, amazing!
” – Carolyn Porier

Genvieve also had a similar experience, she sampled the #2 best selling bra – The Top Max Sports Bra – and here's what she had to say:

"No bounce. Absolutely no movement at all! I loved the bra!" – Genvieve Westrope

Overall We Loved:

  • The support: better than three bras!
  • The adjustable straps on the back – genius idea!
  • Comfortable fitting band.
  • Fit well under tops.

Bottom Line:

Would I recommend it? Yes … but it depends on the person!

To anyone of my clients who is well endowed, absolutely! For those with large breasts I think this bra is a must!
For me (and fellow smaller busted ladies) this much bra support just isn't necessary on a daily basis. But great to have if you're doing a super jumpy intense workout!

Help me get Dressed for the Ball

It's that time of year again, Memory Ball is upon us!

Last year I went to Memory Ball and honestly it was an AMAZING night out. There was such a great energy at the event. You can't go wrong with an open bar, dancing all night long and a lot of really great people. The best part of the night for me was seeing the organizers work so hard for a cause that they truly believe in. It is my pleasure to attend every year AND I will also be donating training and Bod Squad prizes!

This weekend is your last chance to purchase tickets. You can buy them here:

Now, I need your help deciding what dress to wear! Please vote for your favourite dress below.

Option One: FCUK Navy Bandage Dress

Option Two: BCBG Milky Way Black Dress