Step to my Loo Workout

Well it finally happened! 

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Spring officially appeared today in Toronto. I officially mark the first day of spring the same day as the first day I can actually wear flip flops and not have my toes freeze off!

That can only mean one thing, time to get back into the workouts!

Nothing says I love you spring like a good stair run session. If you're a beginner interval runner, or just getting back into that whole run thing after a long winter hills and or stairs are a golden place to get started. I like them because they have a built in push-me mechanism ... no matter how fast or how slow you go the stairs will always be there!

The Workout

Find a staircase that takes you approximately 30 seconds to climb - if you live in a condo a few flights of stairs are perfect!! In Toronto I love the stairs at Casa Loma. 

Bonus - this workout is BEST with a buddy! 

Set a goal of 10 rounds on the stairs at the top of each climb perform:

10 push-ups
10 burpees
10 dive bombers

Then jog down.

Maybe the first day you can only do five rounds, or four or three! The point is you did it and that is by FAR the most important thing!

Happy stepping - see you at Casa Loma soon!

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