Pistol Squat Progression Workout

I have always wanted to be able to do a pistol squat.

In order to be able to do pistol squats you need to have a lot of mobility in your hips and ankles. You also need to have powerful glute muscles to get you back up to the top again! Completing a pistol squat properly is a huge challenge and I'm totally game!

Since breaking my foot last summer my left side is 99% better, I have worked hard at it and feel great about my progress. Pistol squats are the only exercise that I notice a TOTAL difference on both sides ... which makes me like the challenge that much more!

This is an advanced exercise that when completed is a huge accomplishment! 

I found this youtube video super helpful to help me learn:

I'll be working on pistols all week! Checkout my progress on instagram and let me know how yours are coming with #beautyandthebod! 

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