Jules's Pull-up + Burpee Workout

This weekend I went to a goodbye moving to Australia (for two years MAX) party for one of my very favourite people: Juliann Desjardins (aka Jules).

:: Us at a Wedding in Ottawa, (right) Our first night in Thailand, please note Jules's starting off colour was no where close to my finish colour - even after months of tanning effort! :: 

Jules and I go wayyyy back. We met in grade 9 math. I sat in the front row in desperate hopes that somehow the proximity to numbers would translate via osmosis into my head - it didn't work! Jules sat in the row right behind me and from day one astonished me at how good she was at math. I quickly learned that math wasn't the only thing she was good at. She's pretty great at everything. I have never met a stronger all around athlete, Jules can and does play seriously every single sport I've ever heard of and even some I only know about because of her. For example, she's a national sport lifesaving competitor!

After high school we both ended up at Western and really started our friendship when we decided to move in together in second year- just the two of us! We bonded over nightly dinners - Jules's with chicken and rice (in a rice cooker - because who doesn't have one?!) and me with half of the festive Swiss Chalet special (I'd yet to discover a love of cooking!). Jules was there the first night I met Matt - at the time she was also dating a Matt as was my sister - it only seemed appropriate! Our friendship grew and from my perspective what really makes it special is we have a great respect and understanding for each other. 

:: When underwater cameras were brand new! (right) on top of a huge temple climb that I greatly underestimated ::

After university I had moved to England with Matt with the intentions of working overseas with him at a few odd jobs for a year. I had a few interviews but had caught a bit of a wanderlust bug and wanted to make more out of my year abroad. Around 3 weeks in, still jobless and starting to get really tired of the English rain and day trips to London I got a skype call from Jules. I talked to her for about 20 minutes thinking that her apartment had a really great painting of the ocean on the wall behind her - then I suddenly realized, no that was the ACTUAL ocean on her wraparound terrace she was subletting from her sister while working at Chicos Chicken for $18 an hour! Good life! Sometime in that phone call Jules asked me if I wanted to go to South East Asia with her for a few months. My gut reaction was no - at the time my only travel experience was through Europe and honestly I didn't love it enough to feel like spending more than a few weeks traveling. Luckily I slept on it and had a change of heart - why not?! We went and it was hands down the trip of a lifetime - and what made it so great was getting to spend it together. 

:: Zip Lining in Northern Thailand, (right) us with our boys Dan and Matt ::

In honour of Jules's departure Matt and I did an insane workout she told us about last week. I couldn't put a shirt on properly for a few days! Thanks Jules! So fun!!

The Workout

Perform Ten Rounds of the following two exercises back to back:

1. 12 burpees (chest to floor)

2. 12 pull-ups (I did jumping pull-ups controlling the decent (eccentric phase), Matt did them more strict with no jump.

= 120 burpees, 120 pull-ups total.

Christie - 19:27

Matt - 18:23

Whew! You know it's a hard workout when the burpees actually feel like the break! I did this workout on rings but you could also use a pull-up bar with a band).

Next time we do this hopefully we will be together somewhere on a beach in Thailand or Oz! Safe travels Jules and Dan - we are going to miss you like crazy!! You are going to make the best Canadian physiotherapist EVER when you move back home to Canada in two years!! Hint hint! Seriously or I can come bring bod squad to you!

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