1 2 3 Ab Workout

Looking for a killer abdominal workout in just three moves?!

Well here you go! Seriously after doing this my abs hurt to even laugh.

Here are my top three favourite moves that will totally kill your abs. Best to do these after 30 minutes of any cardio of your choice. Perform 50 reps of each.

1. Trifecta Abs

Start lying on your back with legs at a 90 degree angle up in the air. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground and reach for your toes. Then transition by splitting your legs open and reach to touch the floor. Stay up on your tailbone and quickly close your legs together to reach for the angles. Return back on your back and go again!

2. Single Leg Stretch

Try to reach your knee as far to your nose as possible. This requires A LOT more work than normal!! Each time your knee touches the nose counts as one rep.

3. Oblique Reach

Begin by lying down on your left side with your left arm stretched straight out along your body. Reach your right arm up long overhead. Engage your top (right) oblique to lift your body up. Try to touch your toes with your right hand. Using the left elbow will help a lot! Return back to your side. Do 25 reps per side. 

Bottom Line: Remember abs are really made in the kitchen. These moves are great to develop your core strength but at the end of the day if there are lots of layers covering them you're never going to see your hard work come to life. Control your portions and make good food choices as much as possible. It will pay off!

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