Park Bench Workout

The ravines in Toronto are absolutely gorgeous right now and I'm trying to take full advantage of them while they are in full fall bloom.

Lately I'm finding running not as enjoyable as I once did. Don't get me wrong – I will always love running I'm just a little tired of it and looking for new ways to mix up my workout. I'm going back to bod squad basics and luckily my body is really responding to the new challenges being thrown at it! It's a good reminder for me to never get comfortable in a workout routine and always keep mixing it up!

This workout was perfect – I could still be outside enjoying the fall leaves and have a really intense HIIT session!

Then do 3 rounds of the following exercises:

Park Bench Jump Lunges

Complete 50 seconds on the left leg then rest for 10 seconds and repeat on the right side for another full round of 50 seconds.

If the jump is too difficult you could always just straighten the leg – just keep moving that is always the main goal!

Alternating Knee to Elbow Planks

Start with both feet on the bench in a plank position. Then take your right leg to your elbow – advanced challenge is to also complete a push-up and rest your knee on the elbow (like I'm doing in the picture above)! Alternate from side to side.

Bench Jumps

This is all about power – if you can do just one full jump up that is awesome! If this jump is too much you can always do bench step-ups, just make sure you are alternating legs! 

When you land on the bench make sure both feet are fully on the bench.

Bench Tendon Stretch

This move was borrowed from the Pilates reformer! When done correctly this is a LOT of work. You start in a slight triceps dip then try to lift your bum up as high to the sky as possible – think tuck your nose into your knees. Try to straighten your legs as much as possible. Then return to the dip and repeat. Lots of core here.

Karate Kicks

Start with the right leg kicking. Kick as high as you can – up and over the bench. Then kick the same way back – imagine you are drawing and upside down U with each kick. Do this for the full 50 seconds, take 10 seconds rest then complete on the left leg. 

Leg Lifts

Start with your feet lined up right below your hips so that your body forms a 90 degree angle. Then without moving your arms lift your right leg up and try to get it paralell to the ground. Alternate legs each time. Keep your core super tight and do not bend your elbows!!

Whew! This one was a goodie!! Have fun guys and let me know how it goes in the comments!