Learn Pistol Squats

Near the top of my long list of fitness "to dos" are Pistol squats.

:: Assisted Pistol Squats ::

These are closely followed by the splits, handstands, back walkovers, and one arm push-ups! Slowly but surely I'm narrowing in on a few of these. I think Pistols might win the race with this prep workout!

Pistol squats require a lot of ankle mobility and of course leg and glutes strength. Besides looking super cool they are super great for you if you can perform them properly.

Today's workout will be a quick interval run followed by this workout.

The Run:

5 minute treadmill warm-up – for me this is a 8.0 mph but anywhere from 4.5 and up is great!

2 minutes on at a 12.0 mph – again for me, try to make your sprints a distinct difference from your recovery. After the first minute you should be wanting to stop!

1 minute recovery – anywhere, I usually recover anywhere between 3.0 and 5.5 mph

Repeat 2 minute run 1 minute recovery interval at least 6 times.

The Workout: