Perfecting the Push-up Workout

Push-ups are such a wonderful exercise but I've found many women are scared of them and instead of trying feet push-ups they default immediately to their knees.


The biggest problem with the knee modification is it knocks out your core involvement. When you start push-up from plank it is actually an awesome abdominal workout to but when you drop your knees you drop most of your core from the equation.

:: The "girly" push-up 2.0 ::

Instead of the classic knee style "lady push-ups" I like to start off introducing people to push-ups using a playground ball, or a yoga block, or even a big book. Place the ball underneath your chest and aim to drop your body completely down over the ball to rest. I like using the ball over a block because it has some spring to help you lift back up. 

Try these push-ups in your next workout!

The One Hundred Workout

Warm-up for 5 minutes of cardio (ideally on a treadmill)

10 "perfect" push-ups – chest comes all the way down to the ball

1 minute sprint on treadmill – I'm going to try for 13.0 mph but anything above a fast run pace is awesome or spin bike … or if you must eliptical

Repeat 10 push-ups + 1 sprint 10 x