Countdown Workout

Last night's workout at lululemon Bod Squad was intense!!

:: The Countdown ::

The challenge was called "Christie's Countdown". We split up into teams of two and together had to complete this list of 11 exercises:

110 Burpees

100 Dynamic Squats

90 Jump Lunges

80 Box Jumps

70 Superman Push-ups

60 Jump Squats

50 Tricep Dips

40 Up and Overs

30 Dive Bombers

20 Shoulder Press Push-ups

10 Laps Around Track

1 Hug

Fastest team time when to Matt and Natalie in 25:08! Whewwie!!! That was quick!! We were all done in less than 31 minutes, this group keeps getting more and more fit! 300 burpees next time.

We had a great mix of new and old last night. I think the best part of this workout is the shopping after haha!! So tempting being around all the beautiful summer colours! 

Thanks for another awesome workout Lululemon!! 

:: Cumberland Bod Squaders round three! ::