My First Time Bodyrocking

In University I discovered the website – which really helped set me on the fitness and training path that I find myself on today!

This was the very first BodyRock video I came across on Youtube almost three years ago! At the time I was really frustrated with my workout routine. I had been doing triathlon club and although I loved it I just couldn't commit to the two hour long training sessions. I found my body wasn't really responding after I got used to the initial training. I also hated waking up to swim! I hate getting my ears wet, it's weird I know! I remember one morning my boyfriend Matt basically had to drag me out of bed to get to swim practice. When I finally got to the practice five minutes later I left … that was a sign it just wasn't doing it for me!

Incorporating body-weight exercises and high intensity interval training into my life has changed everything! I am so grateful to BodyRock and a handful of Toronto trainers who have mentored me over the years – mainly Paula Ryff who I will talk about in a later post!

Yesterday I revisited my first BodyRock workout and nearly doubled my first score!

The workout looks like this:

Jump tuck, one leg squat on the left leg, jump squat, one leg squat on the right leg and repeat that sequence 3x, so that you get 6 one leg squats total and 6 jump tucks.

Then move directly to the pull up bar, or rings and do 5 pull ups. This counts as one round. How many rounds can you do in 15 minutes?

I tried this workout again yesterday and managed to complete 11 rounds in 15 minutes! That was seven more than the first time I did this!

Give it a go! I did and it changed my life!

I still get inspired by BodyRock and Zuzanna's youtube channel check them out!