Crossfit Cave

Six years ago I went to a crossfit gym for the first time. Way before it was the hottest workout on the block!

My initial experience was sketchy, awkward and painful. There were a few things that really turned me off Crossfit: The instructors were almost all injured or limping with pain from a previous workout. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being stiff but not to the point where I'm almost immobile on a daily basis. I also didn't love the overly competitive nature of my first Crossfit, don't get me wrong, I'm a competitive person but not up against men (and women) twice my size. The last thing that put me off initally was the emphasis on heavy weight lifting.

But… I've been following their progression over the years and as an outsider looking in it appears like they have chilled out a tad. Their workouts seem more well rounded and therefore much more appealing. I've been following this blogger Clare for awhile and she always does posts on Crossfit so I looked through her workouts and I decided to give one of them a go yesterday with my training buddy Sarah.

We didn't know what we were in for!

Our warm up was 800m PR for time:

2:40 (11.1 mph on the treadmill) – THAT got us sweating! Probably could have gone a little faster but we really didn't know what to expect!

Then we headed into the workout with a few notable modifications:

1. We didn't have a 1.5 pood (54 lbs) kettlebell so we used the heaviest dumbbell my gym has – 40 lbs (believe me that was plenty to start with!)
2. We couldn't do the handstand push-ups fully so we did them with our feet on the bench: (Looks a little like this)

3. For the pull-ups we put one foot on a stability ball and used that as an anchor:

4. We followed the "chipper" style so we didn't do the workout in the exact order, we did reps depending on how we felt. For example, I did 20 burpees then 5 pull-ups, then 20 sit-ups, etc. and just kept track of the reps as I went.

My time was 15:48

Sarah finished in 18:03

Then we went for a little jog around cabbagetown and finished with some sticking. OUCHIE!

So would I do another Crossfit? Yes! I've been doing workouts like this one for the past six years. Would I Crossfit everyday? No way. But the truth is I wouldn't do any exercise everyday! I think variety is the spice of life and exercise, it's so important to mix it up! It keeps your body guessing and your mind interested.

Most of my workouts incorporate prinicples from Crossfit without the super heavy weights. That's just what I've found works best for my body. You do you!