Breakfast Club Day 9

I have been asked by Shock Absorber, a bra sold at the Running Room and The Bay, to try out their best selling sports bra in one of my videos! Here it is today!

I'm back from a run and ready to report that this bra works! Really lives up to it's name, absolutely no bounce. Now, granted I'm a 32B, I've asked some of my more well endowed friends at Bod Squad to test out bigger bras for me and they will let me know after next week! Stay tuned!!

The Workout

Today's workout is all about planks!!

Hold for 60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds (feel free to take more or less rest here depending on your ability!)

1. Regular plank

2. Side plank (with optional wrap arounds) right

3. Left knee touch plank

4. Right knee touch plank

5. Side plank (with optional wrap around) left

6. Reverse plank

7. Up & over plank

The Breakfast

Back for my second half of Gywneth's fritatta!!