Breakfast Club Day 4

I know, you guys love the naked friendly morning workouts. But I'm sorry but you're just going to have to put on a sports bra for this one!

Today's challenge is 200 jump squats for time. The key thing to remember is: stay light! As you land it should sound like nothing is hitting the floor, your cats and dogs should not wake up to hear you pounding away! The lighter you land the more core you're using!

This challenge should be quick but if you happen to be over 10 minutes just write down how many jump squats you could complete in that time.

Please take breaks, I did 50, then took 10 seconds, then went back to it. I find it's a lot better mentally to do that rather than conquer the whole 200!

Burn baby burn!!

The Workout:

200 Jump Squats

My time: 5:10

The Breakfast:

Ok so pesto eggs might not sound like the best thing ever but it actually really is delicious. If you still don't believe me you're welcome to have boring old scrambled eggs but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


2 tablespoons pesto (store bought is great but I love making my own using this recipe)
2 whole eggs
½ cup beans (red, kidney, etc.)

1. Mix eggs in a bowl and whisk
2. Scramble eggs and add pesto once they become hard
3. Heat beans for 30-60 seconds beside eggs