Legs for Days

This workout is not called legs for days for nothing! Famous for delivering a BURN for days this workout is perfect if you're travelling or short on time. Set your interval timers to 50 seconds on with 10 seconds rest and just do it!

Airplane Lunge Jump

My Reps: 52-55-52

Dynamic Squats

My Reps: 38-37-42

Side Leg Lift Squats

My Reps: 24-24-24

Tricep Dips

My Reps: 24-27-32

Jump Squats

My Reps: 34-30-28

Toe Tap Backs

My Reps: Left Side: 60-56-60 Right Side: 59-56-60

= One round

Take one minute break between each round.

Complete three rounds total.

Let me know how you did!