Plyometric Pilates Workout

The Essentials:

Time: 10 minutes

Level: 1-2

Equipment: Bodyweight 

Type: Part Pilates, part jump training plyometrics

Body Part Focus: Core and Bum

Throw these four exercise on after your 30 minute run/walk for a great core and bum booster!

The Workout:

:: Kneeling side kicks (aka donkey kicks) ::

30 reps

:: Plank jacks with knee tap ::

30 reps

:: Boat to back ::

30 reps

:: Bunny hops ::

30 reps

The Description:

Looking to bum your Pilates workout up a notch?!

Try these four exercises - 30 reps each - and repeat for 3 rounds total. A Great heart rate booster, core and bum workout. If you're brand new to mixing Pilates in to your workouts this is a great place to start!