How Strong is your Bum?!

Have you ever wondered how strong your bum is?! Well here is your chance to find out! 

Give this move a go to test your pelvic + core stability and your gluts strength!! Thank you to Kathryn Budig from Yogaglo for showing me this one. I absolutely LOVE it!

Step One:

Pick your foot off the floor an inch. Think of sucking your leg up into your hip. If this is as far as you get today that is awesome! Even just trying to get your toes off the ground could be a lot of work at first. It will take time but progress is only guaranteed with practice!

Step Two:

Begin lifting you leg by engaging your gluts. Instead of lift think REACH your foot away from your body. This is the key guys! Try not to "dump" into your opposite hip try to keep it stacked on top of your planted foot. Do not let your leg go behind your body at all keep your foot heels lined up with each other.

Try 10 reps here. 

Step Three:

Go all the way! The goal is to try to get your leg parallel to the floor. If you're up here then YAYA you've got the gluteus of a gold medallist!!

Try for another 10 reps at the top then change legs and repeat entire process on the other glut!

Now go shake them on a dance floor this weekend! Have a great one!!

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