Manduka Mat

Manduka mats are widely known by yoga teachers as the Bentley's of yoga mats.

So when Manduka asked if I would like to try their new eko mat I jumped at the chance! (and yes, Lululemon lets me do that!) 

Before this mat I didn't consider myself a mat snob at ALL. I have been using the same yoga mat I bought at Home Sense nine years ago. My $9.99 mat did the trick but after awhile it started to stretch, I started to slip, it was not very comfortable but it wasn't broke so I thought why fix it?

Well I was wrong (which rarely happens if you ask my family - ha!)! The difference the manuka has made is way more than I thought! I love this mat! I look forward to rolling it out and practicing on the mat.


  • The mat is 5 mm thick, it feels like a matress but it doesn't sink when you're on it 
  • The zebra print stick surface is PERFECT for people like me who get sweaty paws during yoga
  • It is eco friendly
  • It's big! Fits my entire body really nicely


  • It's heavy – but I think that just shows it's a really great quality mat
  • At first it smelt a lot like a new car, not a bad thing but a little strong, after a few practices though that went away

I have been using this mat everyday for the last few weeks and the more I use it the better it gets. The grip helps provide a really solid foundation and I'm trying fun things! Thank you Manduka! Keep up the great work!!