Core Pilates Workout

Looking to spice up your upper body and core workout?! 

Then look no further! I've been doing a lot of Pilates lately and I'm loving the results. It's been nice to come back to body-weight workouts and really focus in on proper form and technique.

This quick core and arms series is an example of the types of exercises I do daily!

This video is a real-time Pilates inspired arms and core workout. Do this routine after a 30 minute interval run. My favourite lately is 30x of 30 seconds running as fast as possible then 30 seconds resting. It's a toughie!! 

White Delight

In other news I think I have an addiction with white lululemon clothing. I love white tanks in the summer time. They just look so fresh and clean … except with my style of workouts they generally don't last too long.

I just got the Make It Count tank on sale last week for $29 – WIN! I love the high neckline and the beautiful back on this tank. It's nice to keep everything tucked in! But now I'm also loving the Live Lightly tank (right) … also on sale for $39. Decisions, decisions. Workout clothing is addictive! I find it SO much easier to buy than regular clothing. It's a good think I can also count these tanks as work clothing haha!

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!