Pilates Cert Done!

:: Me with "lurch" the skeleton ::

:: Me with "lurch" the skeleton ::

This weekend was the last part of my six weekend intensive Pilates mat certification at Body Harmonics. 

I'm officially a Pilates instructor now – WOOOO HOOO!!

Over the course of my training I learned that Pilates is really all about movement optimization. Pilates has taught me how to move from my core with everything that I do – run, jump, burpees – it all starts from there! We learned how to think about movement from the smallest motions and how to build progressive challenging sequences. 

Did you know there are 26 core muscles?! I didn't! The core is comprised of an inner and an outer unit. We work the outer unit all the time but Pilates focuses on the inner unit spine stabilization. I can't stop looking at spines now! When your inner unit functions properly we learned that you have greater control of your outer core muscles – like the obliques, rectus abdominals and many more!

I think this certification is just the tip of the iceburg for me and Pilates. I am so glad I took this course and I've already started mixing in a little Pilates here and there at Bod Squads!