Iced Latte DIY

I have your hot summer Monday morning solution right here.


Basically, summer in a glass. You guys going to die. In a delicious way.

Here we go:

Coffee Ice Cubes – make coffee however you normally make coffee. I like to use a french press … secret share time – coffee machines kind of intimidate me! They just seem so complex. Anyway, after you make the coffee pour it straight into your ice cube tray. I liked making big cubes with this tray. I'm a slow drinker so the coffee stayed colder this way but any cube tray will do the trick. Freeze for at least 4 hours.

Pour one cup of almond milk over the ice cube(s) – or whatever milk you normally love. 

For the final touch add one teaspoon of vanilla and stir

These are simply delightful. I have no more words.