Fluffy Guacamole


There was a time when I only bought packaged guac. 

Then I discovered the homemade version is 10x better and so simple to make. Really all you need is mashed avocado with a little salt and you're golden!

This is the perfect healthy summer dip. If you want to be really good you can use cucumbers or endive leafs for the scoopers. I like a good old fashioned chip myself but up to you!

:: My Homemade Guac ::

Serves 4 hungry people


4 avocados

1 tbsp olive oil (if you have avocado oil use it)

Juice of one lime

pinch of salt (I love maldon sea salt but regular is great too)

2 shallots

On top add a few sliced cherry tomatoes


Cut the avocados in half, remove pit and skin.

Add olive oil and lime juice to vitamix.

Then add peeled shallot and turn on the blender to chop it.

After add in the avocados and blend lightly.

I like to mix in salt after & top with a few sliced cherry tomatoes for extra colour.


Bonus: Avocados are also a natural appetite suppressant, they help keep you feeling full. Their high monounsaturated fat allows you to eat less food while still feeling satisfied. Adding even half an avocado to your lunch makes you 40 percent less likely to be hungry in between meals. (source)