Water Booster

You hear it ALL. THE. TIME.

Drink more water, why – just because it's good for you.

But did you know that drinking water will boost your metabolism? A study published in the journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that drinking 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30%. The increase occurred within 10 min and reached a maximum after 30–40 min.

Not only will you burn more calories but your body will be overall running better. We are 60-70% water. We need it to live and after just three days without water people actually die. We can go for months without food (not that I'm in ANY way suggesting this!) but water deprivation will be far more devastating to you than food. Water is so super essential and is often forgotten as a major source of fuel for workouts.

I often get asked by clients and Bod Squaders what is the perfect thing to eat before a workout. I always mention I'm not a nutritionist so I can only really speak from observation and personal experience. With that I've noticed in my training that water is the thing I need the most in order to have a great session. Don't get too caught up in the food. It is so easy to psych yourself out and blame a light lunch or a heavy snack. A proper diet will go WAY further fuelling you through a workout over the banana you were told to eat exactly 34 minutes before.

I aim to drink 2 L a day and most days thanks to my soda stream, adding lime, and always having a water bottle on the counter or at the gym I get there. It took some bladder training to build my tolerance up but now I'm good to go! Sorry for the TMI but the point is don't be alarmed at first when you use the washroom every minute. Try to spread your water out throughout the day – if you chug 2L all at once it will just run straight through you. The rule of perfect thumb is no more than 250 ml or a cup every 10 minutes. Again, don't freak out it's hard to have more than that. Just drink more water and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the effects. 

If you absolutely hate water. Well get over that. Fun story: last week the elevators were broken in my condo. So I happened to meet this friendly endocrinologist on the staircase. I asked him what the number one problem he sees on a daily basis and he said hands down: kidney stones. Then mentioned that 99% of cases could have been prevented if his patients drank water. Isn't that maddening?!?! He didn't think so, which I guess is why he's the doctor and I am not!

Or you could always make fruit water!

Like a workout, nobody ever said, "I REALLY regret having that glass of water!" so bottoms up!