Herb Garden Tips from a "PRO"

Every year around this time I attempt to grow a herb garden.

My planter boxes were a gift from Matt to me (then back to Matt!) three years ago for my birthday. Every May since we have filled them up with herbal delights!

The first year was a learning year, I grew about 7 different herb varieties from sage to lemon thyme, because who doesn't love a little lemon thyme?! The only problem was we barely used half of what we grew. I realized last year was that less is more. I was growing all types of herbs but really only using three of them.

This year I'm simplifying: basil, mint, and rosemary. 

I love making homemade pesto in the summer. My favourite recipe is this one. Luckily basil grows like a weed! You can pick it and two days later it will be back to full grown again.

Mint is great for a mid afternoon pick me up tea. Just boil hot water and add fresh mint! 

Rosemary is my favourite way to season chicken. I also just like the smell of it.

One big tip I've learned is to plant the herbs low in their pots, that way they are protected from wind (I think my mint is a little high!). Water them weekly and you will be good to go! 

Happy herbing!

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