DIY Beach Boquet

It was SO nice being up at the cottage for Thanksgiving weekend!

diy beach.jpg

One of my favourite things to do up there is go for beach walks. I've noticed that the dunes often naturally dry out around this time of year and I wondered if they would make great floral displays. 

I went for a walk with my sister Lindsay and her dog Penny and started pulling up the dunes - it WORKED! And in a matter of minutes I'd picked my own dried wild flower bouquet!

I went back to the cottage and my mom thought it was such a great idea she came back out with me to make her own. Seriously, I know I sound like an 85 year old but I think these will make great gifts! AND on our way home we stopped at a grocery store and they were selling similar displays for $19.99!! New business idea!!

Next year I'm making a wreath!

The best part - you don't need to water theses!!