New Condo Tour + Tips

Matt and I just moved into a beautiful two bedroom condo right down the hall from our first 515 sq ft cozy nook condo we lived in for two years. 

I was and still am so proud of our old place. We were both just starting off when we signed the lease – we both didn't officially have jobs at the time and the rent was a huge amount of money for us to take on. I was 22 and really for the first time ever I was on my own financially; it was a sink or swim situation and we managed to make it work. At the time it was all the space we needed but eventually we started to outgrow the space. The front door closet was my closet which worked well because of my 5 am morning wake-ups but our entrance area was starting to overflow with luon. When the opportunity came up to move into a beautiful two bedroom unit down the hall I jumped at the chance and after three long months we got it! 

:: Pilates Room + New View ::

This new space is absolutely beautiful and better than we both dreamed of. Matt and I joke (but are actually semi-serious) that we will live here forever. The layout is great for us, the island is key and the two bedrooms and two bathrooms feel like a ridiculously great luxury. I'm using the second bedroom as a Pilates studio. The views in the Pilates room are perfect – city to one side and ravine on the other. My Allegro 2 Reformer from Balanced Body came last week and I've been on it every chance I get, it's an amazing machine. 

:: Paint – Simply White by Benjamin Moore ::

In order to save about $2,500 we painted the entire 900 square feet ourselves. I was really intimidated at first but once we got started painting was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. It took two days straight of intenselabour. And when I say intense I mean it was full-on non-stop paint until you can't see straight intense. Even though we fell asleep at the wall a few times it was worth it to do it like that, very Matt-Christie style to dig deep and get'er done. We talked to a decorating friend of my mom's before painting and she told us the best and brightest white is "Simply White" by Benjamin Moore. We went to Home Depot and had that colour copied, bought their paint kit and tape and got started. We also found this youtube video on how to paint really helpful – see here

We have done a lot in the last few weeks and now we are ready to just enjoy the space and buy as needed. I hate clutter, less is more so we are just going to work with less and add more as needed. For example, to combat clutter we don't have a coffee table because we just put junk on our old one. We might get some small side tables but we are trying not to eat on the sofa at all so maybe not! If you are moving into a new space I highly recommend starting with the bare essentials and building from there. You pay for extra space to have space, not to put a desk down that you'll never use and block off a room. 

:: New sectional from CB2 and pillows from West Elm ::

My favourite part of our new condo is that Matt and I did this together. We have both worked out bums off these last two years and hard work combined with a little luck and great people around us has really paid off. It's nice to come home and completely love it. I honestly couldn't dream of a better space with a better person. 

Have a great weekend everyone!