Golden Pumpkin

I love everything about Halloween!

The chocolate, the candy (yes, even trainers eat candy!), costumes and the decorations are so much fun for me! Since we live in 515 square feet I need to be careful not to go too overboard on the decor because when I do the condo looks a lot like a circus fun house! 

I was shopping at a local store yesterday and they were selling spray painted pumpkins for $20 each! I decided I could copy and maybe even improve on their idea on a budget. I bought my own spray paint ($3), pumpkins ($1.50 each) and squash ($2). The project was simple and fun! If I do say so myself the results are pretty stunning!! The best part about this display is that it will keep for weeks because nothing was cut! Now that I have all of this gold spray paint I need to decide what to paint next!!