Dream Home For Sale

One thing I love about my family is we know how to come together as Team Preston and get stuff done.

Two weeks ago my parents decided it was time to officially take the leap and sell our Toronto home. They had been talking about selling for the last two years and figured with Lindsay just graduating now is the perfect time. I'm so proud of them and excited for this next chapter.

This house has been absolutely perfect for us. After moving out last September I really began to appreciate how awesome it is. It's been well taken care of and it's taken good care of us!

One thing you should know about my parents is they are perfectionists. Especially my Dad Ian! He has this funny line that makes my sister and me simulateously grown and die laughing: " girls, take it from an eight to a 10." Meaning the little extra makes all the difference. All week that phrase rang in my ear. "take it that flower bed from an eight to a 10!" While I was knee deep in the gardens, Dad was power-washing, Linds was scrubbing walls and Mom was at work orchestrating all the chaos. It was a full hands on deck operation!

Throughout this process we learned a ton about housing staging. The thing that shocked me the most was how much JUNK we have. And how much our instinct is to hang onto the junk! For example, I had to convince my Dad it was time to part with a dusty toucan stuffed animal bird that had been left untouched hanging in our furnace room for 21 years. Dad, put down the bird, donate and walk away from the bird. You won't miss it!

The other key thing we learned in setting up the house was how much better everything looks when there's less furniture. Less is really more!

I find myself looking around the apartment now telling Matt we should get rid of everything and go Zen. He thinks I'm nuts, but that's normal.

We emptied the place out and it looks so good my parents are semi joking that they might just stay after all. If they do, I'm busy the next time they stage the house!

So what do you guys think? I bet if we all chipped in a little bit we could buy it and share it!? But seriously want to?

If you're interested in looking at more photos and the specifics have a look here.

If you're seriously serious contact our real estate agent Lauretta: lauretta@torontoforsale.com. Just know that if you buy it, I'll be coming over for workouts in the backyard!