Ambassador Eddie

Last night my friend and potential future family member Eddie was named lululemon's latest ambassador!!

:: Run Club muscle ups + Matt and Eddie embrace - thanks Maeve for the photo! ::

I often get asked what it takes to be and make a great ambassador for lululemon. Here's the thing - it is all about having integrity and relationship building. Eddie is not the first person I have suggested would be a great ambassador for the store, it is pretty intense selection process that he passed with flying colours. They will not make you an ambassador overnight - it took me six months of dedicated effort the first time! Their selection process is totally worth it in my opinion. They end up with the best of the best that way.

I often hear from people who would like to be an ambassador that they went online and filled out an application and never heard back from anyone so they just figured they would end their quest right there. Here's a secret - that will not work! It starts with relationships, a store is going to invest in you - they want to know you. This might sound like a wild concept but you need to get offline and actually make in person real connections. You have to go into the store and actually talk to people! If there is more than one store close to you pick one to make your home base. Remember names and participate in the awesome free workouts they offer - get to know your community. 

When I first became an ambassador three years ago, stores were asking trainers to do one-off workout classes - I asked if I could run a month series and they were floored that I wanted to do that many! The benefit of this for me was that I grew my business by letting people really get a sense of me and it also I think demonstrated to lululemon that I'm not a flake! 

One of the most CRITICAL things about ambassadorship and really running your own business in general is that you MUST MUST MUST be on freaking time. Especially in fitness. If you are not 10 minutes early to an event you are running then you are five minutes late. Also you can't show up to a class and teach while you're still showcasing your Saturday night eye-makeup and vodka perfume! You have to be on-brand. That doesn't mean you need to wear lululemon all the time - one thing I LOVE about this company is that they never force you to be exclusive, they want you to wear what you would always wear because they are always looking for ideas and feedback, if we wear something they aren't making yet then they want to know why - love that. 

They also want to get to know your community and see you in action with how you interact with them. That doesn't mean that all of your friends need to be size 4 lululemon models - actually they would definitely prefer the opposite! It is all about building and growing together. 

And you can't flake out. You can't cancel an event with them last minute - it just won't fly. I also see some bigger businesses and trainers using lululemon to support their charity events almost exclusively. While that's awesome you also need to remember that they get 1000 requests for various charitable events a week. If you want them to giveback to your cause then it should just be a given that you should give back to them.

Being an ambassador has completely enriched my life. It goes beyond just growing my business, the opportunities that lululemon has given me have 100% made me a better person. I am SO grateful to them for that. I am looking forward to having Eddie on board. I know he will make an amazing ambassador - next stop photoshoots! Congratulations Eddie!!

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