Marching On


Sunday is officially the start of March and I couldn't be MORE excited to enter the spring months.

This year has been punishingly cold BUT I think what really gets me down is all the negativity in the winter months. The first thing we all do is talk about how much we freaking hate winter and that alone can be more draining than the actual winteryness outside. So enough! I'm not complaining or even acknowledging it anymore! Because it's MARCH on Sunday! That fact alone has been my fitspiration this week. Soon we should see + in the forecast again!! Yipiee!!

:: Matt and I in Venice, Italy November 2011 ::

In other weekend news - tomorrow is Matt's 29th birthday! We are looking forward to celebrating with a dinner and play tonight PLUS a little get together tomorrow with a few close friends. I have already made his favourite homemade snickers bars. These are sinful once a year treats that he totally deserves! Matt is by FAR the healthiest person in our little family! He makes fun of my sweet tooth constantly! And having Matt as a work buddy and regular bod squader totally motivates me and it is just one of the many reasons why I consider myself SO lucky to be his wife. Just last week I was able to drop Matt off at work (a rarity with early morning clients) but whenever I can I'm happy to save him a wintery bike ride! When he got out of the car and looked back at me with a smile I had a warm feeling that reminded that we really do have something super special. I love him and can't wait to celebrate with my old man this weekend!

Have a great one guys!

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