Seek Discomfort

Modern life is a really cushy place.

If it's cold out - we turn up the heat, if you're thirsty - you turn on the tap five meters away from you and grab a glass of water, if you're hungry - just open the fridge or walk across the street to the nearest convenience store and buy yourself a chocolate bar. We have almost completely eliminated all daily discomforts that once plagued society for centuries.

So naturally when we go to the gym and your trainer asks you to be uncomfortable for a minute or two we instantly back off, stop completely, take a rest, grab water, do anything but relish in the discomfort. GUYS - this is the magic moment: I like to call this place the progress point. The fine line between discomfort and pain is actually a lot more thick than we let ourselves believe! 

I know that one of the most beautiful things about fitness is that it can instantly reveal a person's character. It's a chance for us all to not only toughen up or external appearance but perhaps even MORE importantly toughen up our inner core personality. 

If you're doing a workout correctly it should be FREAKING HARD! Some of them might chip away a tiny little piece of your soul but you know what, if you build back from it then it's only going to get stronger in the long run. At least twice a week, if you're able bodied and healthy you should try to stretch your limits and go for it - seek discomfort. When it arrives welcome it and own it. You are bigger than every single exercise you will ever do, don't let anything get the better of you. If it's not perfect the first 500x you do it then guess what - that's completely normal and ok! The most important thing you can do is ask yourself to be just a little bit better every chance you get.

If you always stay in your comfort zone you will never see the kind of progress and potential that you're fully capable of. Change will NOT happen overnight but stick with it. If you're not comfortable with the uncomfortable then you're not an athlete yet!  Own it: Seek Discomfort.

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