Fitspiration: Music Maker

If you've come to my class before you know that I'm historically not huge on music. I figured people are paying to hear me scream at them, not madonna! 

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I believe it is SO important as a trainer to constantly be seeking evolution in your training methods, delivery and style. While I'll never be the teacher that does things to any kind of beat (mostly because I'd have no chance in following it) I do believe music is HUGE for motivation. One of my fitness goals this year is to learn how to incorporate it more without feeling like I'm competing with it. 

Here's what is at the top of my playlist right now:

  1. We Could Be Heroes - Alesso 
  2. Shot Me Down (Bang Bang) - David Guetta
  3. Uptown Funk -  Mark Ronson
  4. Sky Full of Starts (Hardwell Remix) - Coldplay
  5. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn 
  6. Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande
  7. Jealous - Nick Jonas 
  8. Love Profusion - Madonna
  9. Upgrade You - Beyonce
  10. Not Even A King - Alicia Keys

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!