Vogue Fit: The Year of No Excuses

When Equinox launched this video two years ago it completely transformed the way I looked at yoga. 

and more...

 ... and more with Briohny's husband Dice!

It is absolutely incredible what a well trained yoga body can do. It inspired me to take my yoga training and dedication to that training up a notch. To take challenging classes and push myself further with inversions. I no longer look at yoga as a "break" but as a another opportunity for fitness growth. I have learned to love yoga and practice at least twice a week now on top of my training. 

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Yesterday Vogue Fit launched this year of no excuses video featuring Briohny Smyth from the equinox video campaign again. Of course I LOVED it. It is wonderful and amazing to see the whole world rally around health and fitness. It's no longer "in vogue" to be rail thin and smoke a pack a day but to be healthy an push your limits. So great.

This weekend we are hosting a vegan dinner party tonight and celebrating our 7 year anniversary on Saturday. Matt and I have decided to keep our dating anniversary and start again at 0 this year. We love having something to look forward to this time of year and it's pretty special to think back to the beginning of how we came to be a we! 
Hope you all have a lovely and warm weekend!! 

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