Body by Iza

If you looked at my instagram feed it would be one part workout inspiration and six parts mini golden doodles. 

Seriously though how cute is this guy Broody Waffles?!

Ahhh I just want to play with this fluffy face all day. One day this will be our dog!! But not for a few years ... in the meantime instagram will have to do!

But back to the fitspiration! In the spirit of the Victoria Secret fashion show this Tuesday model Iza Goulart is my inspiration this week. Her instagram is one of my favourite fitness accounts. Her workout videos are always so creative and often give me inspiration for my own workouts. 

Iza does it all - runs, Pilates, yoga and weights. I love that even on a crazy busy schedule she makes her workouts happen everywhere. And they are seriously hardcore routines!! You can follow her also with the #bodybyiza. 

It is great to see a little bit behind the scenes to see what it takes to have an angel's body! It is nice to see that she's fit and strong - actually lifts weights larger than 1.3 lbs! 

I hope you all have a healthy and fit weekend! We are going condo hunting, celebrating my dad's birthday, to a documentary screening and to a condo warming - it's going to be jam packed with fun I can't wait!! Stay healthy!