Athlete of the Month: Mary

This award is SO long overdue.

I would like to congratulate Mary on being November's athlete of the month!

I first met Mary four summers ago at Bod Squad FIRST generation! Right from our inaugural workout together I really liked Mary as a person. She's got a quiet yet friendly intelligent demeanour and a very sharp whit! 

To say Mary is keen participant would be an understatement! I could tell right from the very first few workouts that Mary is the kind of lady that once she signs up for something she doesn't go half way, she's all there 120%.

Through the years Mary has absolutely been interwoven into the Bod Squad family fabric. She's the person that her classmates will turn to if they need help translating some of my crazy exercises into english! Mary even helps me stay on top of things and reminds me what side is up next. 

When Mary was away last year due to illness Bod Squad just did not feel the same. She was absolutely missed and I am SO happy and proud to welcome her back stronger and better than ever. 

Just last week Mary NAILED double unders - a difficult jump rope task! And has been known to always reach for heavier weights - YES!!

She's been a dream to teach and I am looking forward to many more early mornings with Mary and her sidekick Kathy.

The Interview

You've been a Bod Squader from the very beginning!! What keeps you coming back?! 

I love the camaraderie of Bod Squad, the challenge of the work-outs, and of course the enthusiasm and dedication of our fearless leader.

What is your favourite exercise or favourite workout?  

The last one of the class! 

What has been your biggest motivator to stay fit and healthy?

Getting older (a bit!) and facing a serious health challenge reminds you of the importance of health and fitness.  Staying fit and being healthy enables your body to recover from trauma and helps your mind stay focused and positive. 

Favourite food?

Do crushed grapes count? A glass of wine at the end of a long day is pretty fabulous.  And cookies!

Future workout goals? 

To stay motivated, see incremental improvements, but most of all have fun.

Favourite part of Toronto?

The ravine behind my house - - and sitting in Kathy‚Äôs kitchen is also a fav place. 

Dream for Bod Squad future?

It is already pretty perfect.

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