Fitbit Fitspiration

This week I was TOTALLY inspired by my fitbit.

I know I'm a bit behind the fitbit ball but here's the thing. I did get one for my birthday from Matt and then the very next day I broke my foot. We both decided that it would be better if he used it initially because the last thing I needed was another reminder that I wasn't moving.

I finally picked one up after months and decided to give it a go. It was simple to set up and I love that the battery lasts for almost five days!

I didn't read the manual I just got started. The first time it vibrated I thought it was broken. Then I realized it was just celebrating my goal of 10,000 steps a day. YAYA! Now every single time it hits the goal I get so excited and share with whoever is with me! 

I have added friends and the competitor in me loves to win. I've found myself walking places that I would have previously just driven to before just to get my steps in. Especially in the wintertime it's nice to have the motivation to actually walk places. It's fun to cheer on your friends - or taunt them! And you can set up mini contests in your circle.

So far I'm averaging just over 100,000 steps a week. My hope is to keep that going and to get more friends!! If you have a fitbit feel free to add me - Christie P. let's race!!

I have the flex model but I think I will upgrade to the surge soon because it has a built in watch.

Have a great weekend at holiday parties everyone!!

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