Fitspiration: I RUN THIS BODY

I have been following mile posts on Instagram for awhile now and have totally been inspired by her marathon achievements, long run posts and the fact that she runs her body and her business with great success all at the time with three small kids! I LOVE her tagline - I RUN THIS BODY.

:: Dorothy Beal from Mile Posts ::

I went to her blog for the first time last week and felt an immediate a-ha connection with her after reading this post on marathon running and weight gain. As I've written about before I've been struggling to find a balance with running in my life lately. Running was my first fitness love, I found myself and great friendships in large part thanks to running. It taught me how to really push myself and it has made me a much more confident athlete and a stronger person. 

But I've also absolutely abused running. In the past I've looked to running as a way to fuel my binge eating habit. I figured that if I ran for 4 miles that's about 400 extra calories that I need so I deserve them in the form of a chocolate bar or anything "bad". That running meant that not only could I have chocolate but that I deserved it. And yes a healthy amount of chocolate is totally great and balanced ... but I'm not talking about a healthy amount!

Ironically the heaviest I've ever been in my life was the morning I ran my first and only marathon. I had just turned 18 and I weighed 151 lbs - a good 10-15 more than I am now. If they gave out gold medals for carbohydrate loading I would have won one home for sure! I took pasta eating training veryyy seriously!
I finished the race in a time of 3:53 (tying my dad's time to the minute - he ran when he was 26!) and said, "NEVER AGAIN. EVER." But now I wonder - what If I followed a proper nutrition plan that didn't consist of a daily pint of Haagen Dazs? What I I didn't look at running like a chore and more like a gift again. I think that if I ever decide to commit myself to a marathon again it will absolutely be with a new mindset and having fun will be my ultimate goal. 

Lately I've found interval running combined with bod squad style strength training has totally been my golden ticket. Whenever I run intervals I don't get the same depleted feeling that I used to after long runs. I'm energized after a workout and don't feel the need to completely sabotage myself with food.

It was great hearing that Dorothy from Mile Posts totally had a similar experience and has come back stronger than ever from it! She has run 27 marathons and shows zero signs of slowing down! I love her blog and I was totally inspired by it this week. Thank you Dorothy!